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Why Do Truck Drivers Rarely Use Their High Beams At Night?

Driving is not a walk in the park. The person sitting on the driving end has to handle everything at once. They need to control the steering wheel, the gas, brakes, accelerator and the passengers inside. It becomes even more difficult when you are handling the steering wheel of a 16-wheeler or 24-wheeler truck on the highway. The slightest miscalculation by the truck drivers can lead to a disastrous situation.

Why Do Truck Drivers Rarely Use Their High Beams at Night – Read Here

Similar to driving during the day where you might stumble upon a reckless driver going down a busy road at 120mph, those driving at night are at a much higher risk owing to eyes not able to focus in the dark. It is especially difficult for the truck drivers, who are already tired of the days grind. It is not that easy to see a hazard or a sign pointing to a damaged road ahead. Driving at night increases the chances of the truck meeting an accident.

We have come up with a list of factors, which make it clear as to why truck drivers do not use high beams while driving at night.

1. Vision

When you walk into a movie theater with your friends, the eyes take time to adjust to help you find your seats. Similar is the case with those driving a truck. It takes time for the truck drivers to see any hurdle on the road at night as compared to daytime when the human eyes function well. It is the same scenario when a truck driver decides to use high beams on the highway, which will lead to a collision.

Why truck drivers avoid using beam at night
High lights for high vision (Photo Source: digestcars)

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2. Fatigue

The biggest hurdle for any driver at night, especially for a truck driver is fatigue from driving during the day. The need of the body for proper sleep is paramount and beyond a person’s control. You are bound to fall asleep on the steering wheel at any moment. With high beams on combined with you on sleep mode, an accident is inevitable. You should take the truck off the road and rest. It would reduce the chances of a collision with another vehicle.

3. Light Glare

Human eyes take time to adjust from the sudden brightness. The truck drivers also face this dilemma on the road when a vehicle from the opposite end passes with high beams on. It produces temporary blindness similar to a camera flash. In such a scenario, it takes several seconds for the eyes to recover from the glare, which is fatal on the road. We recommend that you search online to find the best driving tips for safe driving during the dark.

Any vehicle traveling at 55mph would travel half the distance during such a situation. It is advisable not to use high beams to blind the approaching vehicle. You need to keep a note of a car approaching with bright lights.

A quick Guide to truck drivers not Using Beam at Night
Drivers need to get used to the flare (Photo Source: automotive)


The work of truck drivers is never easy, especially when working for extended hours. It is a wise decision to follow the tips mentioned above to reach your destination safely.

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