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Why Truck’s Back Wheels Are Concave And Front Wheels Are Convex

The concept of concave wheels is in heights that everyone wants to go for it when it comes to the car. The concave wheels make an automobile look super cool and ‘sophisticated’ in a more specific term. It is not about the classic look anymore where tires used to look having a flat rim. However, the question that arises is why truck’s back wheels are concave and front wheels are convex. Does the truck have to do something with the modern look or is it something else. Well, we are going to talk about the same. And it is going to be a short and straightforward concept that maybe you never imagined.

Why Truck’s Back Wheels Are Concave And Front Wheels Are Convex?

A truck has double wheels on the back or the rear portion. Those two wheels are doubled in a way that they seem sandwiched together. Now, if in this situation the two tires are bound using the bolt mechanism, the width would be too much that it would look awkward looks wise and maintenance wise also.

Hence, they are mounted together in a way that it looks like a single wheel, and it makes them the concave wheel while the front wheels are single on each side, so there is no need to sandwich anything there, and hence they stay convex.

Now, if you ask that why only the rear side has two wheels submerged then the answer is ‘weight.’ Since the significant weight remains on the rear portion, so wheels are doubled in the back part only.

1. Factors That Determine The Amount Of Being Concave

why truck's back wheels are concave and front wheels are convex
Many factors can affect the wheels (Photo Source: fiverr)

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Several vehicles have concave tires, but you may find the difference in the level of the ‘concave’ thing. Well, there are some factors that determine the depth of a wheel or how much hollow it would be. These factors are wheel width, wheel brake clearance, wheel offset, and also the way a wheel is engineered in.

If talking about the offset, there is this simple mantra. A low offset indicates less depth in the rims whereas a high offset means more depth. So, if a vehicle features more offset, it guarantees more depth. Also, unless it is not a customized rim, a lower offset means less depth in most of the cases.

To know more, check Maintenance Tips.

2. What Is A Wheel Offset?

Why truck’s back wheels are concave and front wheels are convex depends on a wheel offset. On the one hand, where the diameter like aspects come easy to understand, wheel offset may feel like pulling some strings. The offset is required for the measurement purpose that defines what should be the size of the tire. Taking it wrong can mess with the entire system and harm the suspension, tire, and other vital components. That is why when you want to achieve a dense look for the rim so it looks more like a concave, the offset matters.

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We hope you are clear on why truck’s back wheels are concave and front wheels are convex. Additionally, the concept part remains with other automobiles as well such as luxurious cars. By paying more on the dollars of a tire, you can actually have the concave-styled wheel. The price can be somewhere $1000 per wheel and it varies as per other factors.

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