Cars you can buy online on a limited budget

Some people buy cars out of necessity, some as a symbol of status, such is life. We all don’t earn the same pay at the end of the day to enjoy the same luxuries.  Are you thinking of buying a car but can’t handle the price of a brand new one?  Worry no more! You can still make your dream a reality without breaking the bank. Here is a list of used cars from Japan you can get online on a very limited budget.

Toyota Corolla Spacio

A favourite for the ladies due to its small size, reliability, comfort and impressive fuel consumption, the Toyota Corrola Spacio is spacious enough to gather all your five friends or small family for a fun road trip. The spacious interior and Toyota’s world-famous dependability guarantees you a relaxing driving experience. You can get a used Toyota Collora Spacio online from as low as US $870.


Toyota Vitz

Also known for its reliability, this easy to handle, small car will save you even more money because of its economical fuel consumption. Do not underestimate its size though; you can get bigger items into the back of the car more easily. The opening on the Vitz is wide enough to give you that allowance. Also, its small size comes in handy when you need to maneuver through traffic more comfortably. Love driving solo? Then the Vitz is exactly what you need. You can get a used Toyota Vitz online from as low as US $340.


Toyota Altezza

The Toyota Altezza has a unique look that will definitely grab anyone’s attention. This doesn’t come as a surprise seeing as the word “altezza” is Italian for “highness.” Unlike many modern cars, the Altezza is not massive and bloated, so the last thing you will ever worry about is parking. It may not be your ultimate sporty car but it is a much cheaper alternative. The best news is that you can buy a used Toyota Altezza online from as low as US $419.


Toyota Ipsum

Toyota Ipsum is a seven-seater multi-purpose vehicle. The attraction of this car comes in form of its functionality, comfort, easy maintenance and affordability. Rest assured you won’t spend a lot on fuel if you get yourself one. It is suitable for large families that travel together regularly.  There is enough room to seat six adults and one child comfortably. If you are the type that loves taking the whole family for a treat at the beach or picnic every weekend, the Ipsum would be ideal. You can get a used Toyota Ipsum online from as low as US $335.

Still want to scout for more cheap used cars online? has a huge number of uploads every day. With over 18,000 cars to choose from, you can’t fail to find more than one car that suits your style and needs. Take your time and do some research as well while exploring for your dream car alternatives. Happy car hunting!