Top 10 Most Useless Features In A Car? Find Out Here!

A car is one of the luxurious technologies discovered by humankind. But, nowadays, most of the modern cars come with useless features. In old days, providing numerous features in cars was a trick to magnetize more customers. Moreover, among most of the features that a car is fully equipped with, some are completely pointless. Have you ever wondered of “What are the most pointless features in a car?” If yes, let us find out the answer.

Speculating What Are The Most Pointless Features In A Car? Let Us Identify Some

The useless feature can be the one that you do not even know exists in your car. Or, the one that irritates you a lot. Most of the car manufacturers built these traits to make the life simpler but fail to do so. One can find these features in numerous different cars as well. So, what are the most pointless features in a car? let us identify some of the most pointless features in a car that might exasperate you.

1. Compass For Navigation

You might wonder what a compass is doing in a luxurious vehicle with all modern features. Most of the companies provide the latest technology GPS kits for proper navigation. Nobody will ever use a compass for navigating from one place to other in a city. Nowadays, everybody prefers Google maps to roam around anywhere in the world. Most important thing about GPS navigation is the maps are updated after a certain period whereas in a compass nothing happens. This is the first answer to your question, “What are the most pointless features in a car?” Let us proceed to the next one.

2. Sensor Controls For Audio Systems

Yes, a lot of car manufacturers offer sensor or gesture controlling for audio systems. And, that are completely pointless for a car. One can easily live without a sensor control audio system in their car. Besides, most of the companies now provide the touch-screen control buttons for better convenience. In fact, one can find the audio control buttons on steering wheels as well. This makes sensor controlling entirely pointless.

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Noone would need such a sensor (Photo Source: Pixabay)

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3. Sunglass Holders

Most of the companies now provide holders for sunglasses as well. There is a lot of space inside a dashboard or beneath the stereo system. People with industry knowledge might know that there is not any necessity to provide a sunglass holder, as it is of no use and acquires space in the car. Most of the people put their sunglasses back inside the original cover after using. This is why sunglass holders inside a modern luxurious vehicle are useless.

4. DLRs

What are the most pointless features in a car? DRLs also known as Daytime Running Lights are not of any use in the daytime. There is not any use of these lights where the sun remains clear throughout the day. All the car manufacturers provide DRLs nowadays that is pointless. One can easily switch on the headlamps if required. But, during the daytime, the running lights are of no use when one can see everything clearly.

Facts About What are the most pointless features in a car?
Why one needs to use the light in daytime anyway? (Photo Source: Pixabay)

5. Interlocked Seat Belts

In 1970s automakers made a kind of seat belts that had to be locked into place before the car could start. No interlocked seat belts, no car starting. This resulted from a law enforcement by the US government back then with a view to forcing people into the habit of locking seat belts when driving cars. However, this quickly became useless as drivers just need to keep it lock all the time and sit on it. They failed to force drivers to have a habit of tightening the seat belts and that became useless.

6. Motorized Rear View Mirrors

Automobiles may think like if the rear view mirror can be installed with machine to adjust it, then why not? They think that driver do not need to put the hand out of the steering wheel to adjust it and this will make the car feel a little moderner and fancier. But this proved useless because adjusting the rear view mirror by hand is much faster and accurate. Actually drivers do not need to think much about the way to adjust the mirror and it takes much less effort and time to adjust the mirror however they want, compared to some sophisticated adjusting system that they have to learn and think to do a simple task. The mirror is within easy reach and noone like it motorized.

7. Moisture Sensing Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers can be frustrating at times. Adjusting the intervals and speed of the wiper blades so that they clean the windshield at the right time can seem like a part-time job. And getting the wiper blades just right when it is misting or lightly sprinkling out can be super frustrating. So, it was a great idea to create completely automated windshield wipers that sense moisture in the air and come on when it rains, adjusts their speed automatically based on how hard the rain is.

What are the most pointless features in a car? The only problem was that the sensors could not adjust to unstable rain. During a downpour, the automatic wipers worked great. But when the rain let up and then started to get heavy again, the wiper blades could not adjust accordingly. This made moisture sensing windshield wiper blades beyond annoying. Worse, it was extremely difficult to override the automated system once it started. In the end, most automakers developed a more responsive intermittent windshield wiper blade by switching on the steering column and got rid of the moisture sensing wiper systems.

8. Automatic Car Doors

Automatic trunks—great but automatic car doors—completely useless. An automatic tailgate or trunk is fantastic for the time you have your hands all busy. But driver and passenger car doors that open automatically represent the climax of human laziness. An innovation that is so unnecessary that it is embarrassing to think about. When people no longer feel they should use the door handles to open the car door by hand is a sad vision on our future society. Additional money for this feature is even sadder. Again, just because you can do it doesn’t mean you should so automatic doors should not exist.

9. Electronic Parking Brakes

Electronic parking brakes are not at all a bad idea. While most people don’t use their parking brake, it makes sense to develop a parking brake that comes on automatically whenever the car is placed in “park” and the engine is turned off. The parking brake holds a car’s transmission in place when it is parked. But electronic parking brakes aren’t that necessary. People cannot use the parking brake in an emergency, such as to stop on a dime or avoid an accident. For these reasons, electronic parking brakes cannot be more popular among car makers worldwide.

10. Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters were used in automatic transmission cars as a combination that would give people the feeling of manually shifting gears in the car without a clutch and grinding the gears. The paddle was mounted on the steering column within easy reach and people simply flick it to shift gears. But this technology was completely useless in an automatic transmission car that shifts gears all by itself.

And, people had to hit the paddle shifter at the perfect moment or else the car just skip the manual shifting. In the end, it turned out to be that people who want to drive an automatic car don’t want to shift gears. And people wanting to shift gears themselves buy a manual transmission car.

Winding Up

Have you got the answer for, “What are the most pointless features in a car?” Well, these were some of the pointless features in the car. But, the most useless of them all is DRLs. So, make sure your car doesn’t have these features.