Unknown Functions on Vehicles Bet You Never Noticed

A car is the integration of various smaller and bigger parts. Even if you have been driving for years and know everything, some unknown functions on vehicles are still there that you must be missing. What are all the features? This question must be popping in your head right now. You will find its answer right now.

So let’s get started!

Unknown Functions on Vehicles you need to Know

There are numerous functions on your vehicle that you probably don’t know about. So let’s explore each one right now.

1. Arrow Next to the Fuel Pump

The arrow next to the fuel pump is one of those features that you probably ignore because you have no idea about its purpose. This arrow is the indication of which side the gas cap is open. It has a direct connection to the gas tank. This feature also helps you to find out the ideal amount of fuel in the tank appropriate enough to avoid any error. You can give it a test trial by filling the tank with a little amount of gas and check the arrow. Doing this intentionally can harm the fuel pump when the car will run out of gas. So be careful while applying this method. So when you think about unknown functions on vehicles, look at the arrow next to the fuel pump.

Unknown functions on vehicles explained
Explore the unknown functions on vehicles (Photo Source: Pixabay)

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2. Traction Control

Driving in monsoons or a rainy day is a bit tricky. You might have seen traction control or ASR feature in the vehicle. But we barely use this feature. Lack of knowledge about this function could be the reason behind it. Well, traction control is one of the most useful features that can help you to drive in a better way even on the most slippery road. When this feature is turned on, the vehicle avoids slipping on the road especially on curves. Therefore, it’s useful during rainy or snowy days.

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3. Tab at the Rearview Mirror

Have you ever noticed the small tab in the middle of the rear view mirror? Nope? If not, look at it right now. Pushing the tab forwards will adjust the mirror and reflect back the light before it reaches into your eyes. As a result, the headlights won’t be too bright. Doing this during the day is suitable as you will be able to see the exact view in the mirror. The amazing part about this feature is that it is not embedded currently. It has been in the rearview mirror for decades. So whenever you are driving during the day or night, use this feature to have a better rear view, and avoid any danger because of unexpected sharp light striking in the eyes.

Numerous unknown functions on vehicles
Find the unknown functions on vehicles (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Winding Up

So now, you know about one of the most important and unknown functions on vehicles. Utilize the car and its assorted functions in the right way by using all features. So use this industry knowledge in the right way right now.