Stipulating the Best Time to Buy a Car

Saving a few bucks when buying a new car is always satisfying. Who wouldn’t want to ride in the new car that they bought at a comparatively lower price? This is why one needs to look for the best time to buy a car. If you have been patient till now, waiting for the right time could help you make a great deal.

Best Time to Buy a Car – When & Why

Everyone has their perceptions regarding an ideal time to buy a car. The answer tends to vary largely, though some unwavering parameters help decide the exact “when.” Let’s explore in detail in the section below.

1. Year – End Is the Reason to Rejoice

The month of December brings the most of joy. Apart from being the holiday month, December offers a good time to buy a new car. There is a technical reason behind it. Any car dealer has some sale goals that they need to cover it by the end of the year. If the goals aren’t met, there would be no incentives or bonuses.

If it is near Christmas or the New Year’s Eve, the discounts could even get better. There is no doubt about the fact that December brings in the best time to buy a car. A study also suggests that you could save up to as much as 8.33% when you buy a new car on New Year.

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2. The Auto Show Sales

If you happen to visit an auto show around the city, it could be the best time to buy a car. These events are run for the promotion of the brands and the respective cars. The fact is that these promotions attract better sales and lower prices than the usual.

Find out the best time to buy a car
Auto Show Sales to buy a car (Photo Source: philkotse)

They include cash back offers or instant off discounts that could attract you towards buying a car. This way both the dealer and the buyer could benefit as interests of both the parties are met. The best thing about the auto show is that you would get an opportunity to explore every car in your mind along with its detailed specifications.

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3. The Season of Festivities

Be it Christmas or the Valentines’; such occasions bring in the best time to buy a car. There is always a sale on almost every car model when festivities are around the corner. One should keep in mind that the festivities vary from country to country though. In simple words, no matter what the occasion; a discount on your favorite car could bring a smile to your face.

Other occasions to look for could be the Memorial Day or the Labor Day; the promotions for which start early on television and social media. In case, a dealer has an exceeded number of models, the discounts are liable to increase. You could also refer to industry knowledge to know how to estimate a good price for a used car.

Season Of Festivities which are the best time to buy a car
Tips to know about the best time to buy a car (Photo Source: forbes)


This is it! These can help you in deciding the the best time to buy a car. Lastly, prefer buying a car on weekdays or the month ends, as it is a good bargaining time that synchronizes well with salesperson’s targets.