6 Things Car Salesmen Hate about Car Buyers

Sales is an art. Every salesperson has to be intelligent and craft with words so that they can convince you buying a product. The same goes for the car salespersons. They don’t sell you a car but a lifestyle that is undoubtedly better and easier than your current one. It is their job to treat you (as a buyer) well and serve faithfully. However, the job becomes difficult sometimes because all the customers are not easy-going and there are certain things car salesmen hate about car buyers.

What Are the Things Car Salesmen Hate about Car Buyers?

There are several reasons for a customer to make the car salesperson resentful. They will quell their irritation nevertheless but you should not instigate them intentionally have you want to get a good deal on the purchase. These are the things car salesman hate about car buyers:

Late Night Deals

Most dealerships stay open until the last customer is gone. After working for 8 to 12 hours a day, the salesperson does not appreciate when you walk into the showroom 10 minutes before the closing. However, plenty of seasoned car buyers utilize the late hours to strike a good deal. The staff at that time are eager to accept a reasonable offer because they just want to go home.

things car salesmen hate about car buyers
Don’t act like you know everything. Source: Motor1.com

When You Act Know-It-All

Salespeople are wordsmiths and their job is to sweet talk you to buy a product that earns them a handsome commission. Almost half of the people don’t even know the make or model when they arrive at a showroom. The majority of the other half may know what they want but are unaware of the car’s best features, specialties, and other things, which make it easier for them to persuade you into buying a vehicle. It will fluster them when you act like you know everything about automobiles.

Dealing over the Phone

You may think that salesmen love to handle things over the phone, but it is not true. Negotiation and discussion on the phone don’t let them have the full control over the sale. They lose the chance to impress you in person and push some upsells during the process.

On the other hand, buyers can use this trick to save both time and money.


Making Unwanted Advances

It’s one of the things car salesmen hate about car buyers, and it’s a legit reason. It mainly happens to saleswomen when they have to deal with some irrelevant questions about their relationship status. Some customers even push for their phone number and social media username. Some sleazeballs even imply that they would purchase the car had the saleswoman been agreed to go on a date!

The Unending Demands

things car salesmen hate about car buyers
Don’t make unreasonable demands.Source: Mental Floss

Some customers think that they deserve something more than just the regular post-sale services. It will legitimately annoy a salesperson when someone brings a car for a regular maintenance but asks for a repair work for free.

Calling off at the Last Moment

Well, it will certainly piss off a salesman. After all the talks, negotiations, and test drives, it is frustrating to have no response from the customer. However, it is inevitable as not all the potential buyers are going to appreciate the time and efforts the salesperson put behind them.