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Amazing Honda Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Amazing Honda Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
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Generation on generation Honda has been making ripples in the car manufacturing industry. In a sector primarily dominated by the German and French and the Americans, Honda with its Japanese origin has not failed to amaze us with some its fine and cutting edge approach to automobile manufacturing. Let’s look at some of the astonishing Honda facts and see how many you know:

Fact 1

Honda was founded by Soichiro Honda who had no formal education and had started his career as a garage mechanic. Later he managed to start his own repair business where he used to deliver piston rings to Toyota. Finally, he launched Honda as Honda technical research institute in 1946.

Fact 2

Honda has been at the forefront when it comes to the size of motorcycle production. Not only this, but Honda also has the rare reputation of having a market value that equals to that of automobile giants, General Motors and Ford put together.

Fact 3

It is the second largest car manufacturer in Japan. And eighth largest all over the world

Fact 4

Another interesting fact about Honda has it that is V-tech engines have been one of the significant milestones in the production car tech till date. Make no mistake, but Honda was the first to use it in production vehicle before all the rest car makers followed the trend.

honda facts

Fact 5

Honda was the first use the All-wheel drive in its Honda Prelude. It is a significant shift from the conventional front wheel drive and the rear wheel drive.

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Fact 6

Honda Civic, even after four decades since its launch, is still a much-coveted ride in the automobile industry as well as among the buyers. Very few of us know that in 1973 when the Honda introduced Civic it had a fuel efficiency of 40 miles per gallon. Even back then it was way ahead of its competitors regarding fuel efficiency. It eventually became one of the world’s most fuel efficient cars.

Fact 7

Facts about new Honda suggest that 1986 was the year when Honda decided to initiate its first ever dedicated luxury brands by a Japanese car manufacturer and named it Acura. Even though it could not become as successful as its peer in BMW or Audi, yet it went on to become highly successful in the US. Some of the well-known figures who own Acura is the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Fact 8

Apart from automobiles, Honda developed ASIMO, an android designed primarily to help the people who have limited mobility due to physical impediments. It marked a breakthrough in the field of robotic mobility and encouraged the youngsters to study mathematics and science.

Fact 9

In the early days of Honda, it suffered a major setback in Michigan, the US due to the rusting problem it showed as a result of the usage of road salt on the road. Honda elected to take the cars off the streets and paid the buyers only to end up crushing the defective vehicles. Some time later it found the solution to the rusting problem.

Fact 10

No Matter what, Honda is the most trusted brand among cars. Customer go for these cars just because they trust the brand.

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