A Summary Of the Jaguars Cars History

The insanely stylish Jaguar cars are some of the finest luxury sedans. The Jaguar brand is unique because millions of fans admire the company’s line of sports cars too. The state-of-the-art technology and engineering, thrilling performance, and high-quality interiors also contribute much to that popularity. If you are a fan, you might be interested in knowing Jaguars cars history. To tell the truth, unlike some other brands, the Jaguar history is as fascinating as the cars themselves.

Jaguars Cars History: An Overview

Who made Jaguar? Sir William Lyons—a car designer and son of an Irish immigrant in England—was the founder of Jaguar Cars Ltd. Its original name was Swallow Sidecar Company and Lyons established it in 1922 with the dream of manufacturing top-grade sports sedans.

What is the Jaguar country of origin? The vehicles are manufactured in Birmingham, England. The history of the company spans over almost eighty years. It used to produce motorcycle sidecars before manufacturing bodies for passenger cars. In collaboration with Standard Motor Co., the business extended to making complete cars in later years.

In 1945, the company changed its name to Jaguar Cars from S. S. Cars. It merged with British Motor Corporation in 1966 that later renamed British Motor Holdings. The BMH transformed into British Leyland after being merged with Leyland Motor Corporation in 1968.

jaguar car company
Jaguar cars are insanely stylish. (Photo Source: tominiclassics)


The ownership was transferred to Ford Motor Company when the American automaker acquired Jaguar car company in 1990. Ford also bought Land Rover in 2000 and sold both companies to Tata Motors of India in 2008. Tata merged these two companies into a single entity—Jaguar Land Rover Limited.

Since the acquisition of Ford, both brands used to share the same engineering centers and design facilities. Currently, the production of Jaguar cars takes place in a Castle Bromwich factory in Birmingham.

A History Of Jaguar The Cars

A complete Jaguars cars history should include a summary of the car models that the company has manufactured to date.

From 1932 to 1936, the company produced its first automobile—the SS 1. It brought them financial success as the sales of the car crossed 4,200 units. It launched a new model—the SS Jaguar Mark IV—in 1935 and the sales figure was more than 20,000 units until 1948. The company manufactured two more models from 1936 through 1940—the SS90 and SS100.

Jaguar built 10,000 Mark V models from 1948 to 1951. The next three models in the line were Mark VII, Mark VIII, and Mark IX.

jaguars the cars
The legendary XK sports car. (Photo Source: webmotor)

Bill Lyons redesigned the car and launched it as Mark X in 1961. It continued production for the next ten years. The next models followed were Jaguar XJ, XJ6, and XJ8. However, the XJ models received a redesign in the 21st century. Jaguar launched it in 2003 and restyled it completely again in 2009. The company also manufactured many mid-sized cars in between and its sports car models include the XK series, the legendary XKE, and the XJS.