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Jaguar S-Type Review

Jaguar…a symbol of luxury, passion and elegance. It is all about feelings and soul. These cars have some spirit in them. Jaguar can leave anyone speechless by just its look. When driving a Jaguar S-Type, your pulse gets racing;the luxurious design only makes you stop and stare.

This is art, not just a car. The Jaguar as other car brands has many versions and editions. The Jaguar S-Type is one of the most famous and elegant designs. It is considered to be a piece of throwback, reminding 60’s cars when looking at it.

Jaguar S-Type

Jaguar S-Type was debuted in 2000, as a result of Ford-Jaguar partnership. This type was really competing with the existing types and models, due to its elegance and luxury. Its retro styling became loved and demanded.
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Recent Jaguar S-Type Characteristics

The Jaguar S Type was produced from 2000-2008. It was a four-door sedan, with grace and passion. This type lived for one generation, the main changes were incremental. Though this Jaguar S-Type was loved by many, soon Jaguar XF came to replace this line.

Jaguar S-Type had 3.0-liter V6 and 240 horsepower and 4.0-liter V8 with 281 horsepower. Jaguar S-Types launched before 2003 had five-speed automatic transmission, and after 2003 Jaguar replaced it with a six-speed and made a new five-speed manual transmission.

When in 2003 new Jaguar S-type was launched the horsepower increased up to390. From 2004 on the hp was increased to 400. In just 5.3 seconds, the car was able todo 0-60 drills. But still the S-Type was never able to stand in the same line as German sedans.

Jaguar S-Type Interior and exterior

Firstly, the design and materials of Jaguar S-Type were considered to be down-market, indicating the vehicle’s Ford roots. From 2003 on, the exterior design revived and developed. Then, the interior was updated 2005, as well as the exterior, though only with minor changes.The equipment quality increased over the years; the CD changer was introduced to Bluetooth phone connectivity. Then, the leather and wood trims were introduced.

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People review the Jaguar S-Type very positively. They usually praise the S-Type and leave positive reviews majorly. The Jaguar is also considered to be very reliable car. It can be said that it is said to be as good and as reliable as Japanese sedans.

Thus, Jaguars are also popular and really loved from the consumers. They were popular and are still considered to be popular among the car lovers.

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