Here are 5 Advantages Manual Transmission Offers that will Win You

Automation may be the buzzword of the new millennium, but there are some things that are still done better the traditional way. Driving manual transmission cars is one of those. Now, the high end cars may be pretty much bent towards automatic, but there are numerous advantages manual transmission offers. These benefits, we’re sure, will convince you to keep sticking to the latter. So, let’s hop along to find these out.

5 Advantages Manual Transmission Has to Offer

1. Staying in Control

Automatic cars do what we do otherwise in a manual transition – select the best gear for the speed and situation. But, here is where you could lose control. Since these are made to encounter and give solutions to situations as they arrive, there is no way the driver could act on anticipation. Neither can you shift down to a lower gear to bring optimum power to the engine. The power that the engine thus uses, is usually very high. Driving manual cars, on the other hand, keeps the entire control in the driver’s hands (and feet). And, driving a manual car is easier than you think.

2. Available for Cheaper Prices

If budget is your concern, a manual is certainly going to support you. They cost way lesser than automatic cars. To be honest, you can’t even begin to compare. But, if you do, the difference could be as huge as a thousand dollars, that too, for the same make and the same model.

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3. Low Maintenance

This is another big pro when it comes to the comparison between the two. Manuals are pretty much low maintenance. Why? Simpler and lesser machinery! Automatic transition is possible only because of sophisticated machinery. When that is absent, maintenance as well as repairs won’t warrant much of expense. All you really need to care about in a manual is the clutch and the engine. Rest all is good!

4. Better Gas Mileage

A lot of hi-tech automatic cars companies have now developed engines to perform at par with the manual cars when it comes to gas mileage. However, it is mostly the case with manual transmission vs automatic that the former tend to give better mileage in the long run. The traditional stick can actually boost the fuel efficiency by 5% to 15%. But, remember; the advantages manual transmission offers are good only when you drive the car the way you are supposed drive it.

5. Advantage of Skill

If your first car was/is one with manual transmission, or you have happened to obtain your driver’s license with a traditional gear stick mechanism, good for you. You now have the advantage of skill. Now, it is easy for you to drive even an automatic. But, if you’ve only driven an automatic, driving manual cars can be quite a challenge for you.And, here is a bonus advantage. Since the roads are so dense with automatic cars, there is less likelihood of your manual being stolen. That works like a psychological insurance for you. Doesn’t it?

Well, these were some of the major advantages manual transmission offers, but you’ll find more if you look close enough.