Why Some Automatic Transmissions Shift Straight and Some Are Zig-Zag?

The automatic transmission is the rapidly growing technology in the latest automobiles. But have you ever wondered why some cars have straight and others have zigzag automatic transmissions? If yes, you are in the right place. Here you will get to know about some amazing facts of having two types of gear shifters in automatic cars.

So let’s explore together!

Basic Reasons For Having Two Types Of Gear Shifter In Automatic Transmissions

The popularity of automatic transmission has taken over the entire automobile world, but the contradiction of choosing one out of linear and zigzag gearshift is always there. Therefore, before you select a particular type, check out the reasons why the gears are different for different cars.

1. Control & Safety

The linear and zigzag gear shifters serve the same purpose to the car, which is to keep the vehicle in gears. Imagine you are driving and it’s raining outside. You need to shift the gear but accidentally put it on the wrong level. This hazardous situation is possible with the linear gearshift. The zigzag pattern prevents you to put the wrong gears as the curves provide an accurate estimation of where the stick is at the moment. Therefore, you get the better control over the vehicle.

Those who keep safety in the first place prefer linear gearshift. Easy gear stick movement and security lock key that prevents the car from going dangerous position even at the high-speed. Well, this isn’t the case with zigzag gears as there is no locking system. So linear gearshift design assures that you stay safe in every situation and zigzag design lets you know that your car is at the right gear. That’s how the automatic transmissions provide a better driving experience.

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2. The Cost Factor

As we already know, the liner shifters have a button like a device embedded on the gear lever to lockout reverse. So the cost automatically increases for such valuable equipment. Generally, there are two types of buyers- those who want better performance at the low cost and others who can compromise with the cost but not with the features. So the linear gear shifts signify that the cost will be a bit higher than the zigzag gear cars. This way the buyer gets an idea about which type of car will be suitable for long terms.

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3. Which One Is Better?

If you are looking for the car, which allows you a smooth gearshift, linear shifts are the best fit. Otherwise, zigzag gears shifts are ideal for better control over the vehicle. Overall, choosing an automatic transmission car with a particular type of gear design is the matter of choice and requirements.

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Wrapping Up

The suitable gear sifter and some useful driving tips are enough to make every journey a happy journey. So get the most out of automatic transmissions by choosing the desired gear shifter right now.