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What is Speed Shifting and How to Speed Shift Properly?

People often get confused when talking about speed shifting. They believe it is a technique of shifting by not using the clutch. But, they are wrong. So what is speed shifting? In actual, speed shifting means changing the gears by not uplifting your right foot off the accelerator. This practice helps the racers to attain the greatest acceleration while driving.

Now the question arises how you can really perform the technique of speed shifting properly and smoothly. To help you out in finding the answer to this question, here’s a complete guide given below.

But, before getting to know the speed shifting skill and how to speed shift, it never hurts to learn the basics of driving stick. 

The Basics of Driving Stick Method

Understand the Car Structure and Cockpit

There are three main parts that every car owners must be familiar with:

What Is Speed Shifting And How To Speed Shift Properly?
Learning the basic is very important (Source: unsplash)

The Gear Shifter

As this topic is about speed shifting, the gear shifter is definitely the most important part that drivers must acknowledge. Just like its name, this part helps shift the gears on your car transmission. In most manual transmissions, apart from the reverse gear, it comes from first to fifth gear. 

The Pedals

Brake, gas, clutch are three main features. 

The most important pedal for every driver is, without a doubt, the brake. It helps you stop your car and is located in the middle.

The gas pedal is all the way to the right. By pressing it, the automobile will move faster. 

Last but not least, the far left pedal is the clutch. Its main function is to shift gears up or down. With the right foot controlling both brake and gas pedal, it is the left foot’s responsibility to press this pedal.

The Tachometer

Last but not least, the gauge on the car’s dashboard that shows all necessary information called the tachometer. In order to determine the speed and know when to shift gears, drivers can look at the tachometer. When the tachometer shows around 1, you should shift gears down, and vice versa. Of course this is just the beginner guide. Expert drivers on the other hand, know when to shift up or down just by the sound of the engine.

Drive Your Car

New drivers can practice shifting gears in an empty spot where there is no traffic around. In order to start a manual car, the first step is to press the clutch pedal while turning on the ignition button. Along with that, use your right foot to press on the brake to turn your automobile on.

The ultimate tip here is: Do not shift gears without fully depressing the clutch pedal, or else a grinding sound will appear. This will damage your transmission terribly, therefore always press the clutch pedal all the way before making a shift. Along with that is the right hand movement moving the gear shifter. 

Here comes the tricky part: Release the brake pedal and move your right foot onto the gas. At the same time, drivers slowly take the left foot off the clutch. Never stop pressing on the gas while you do this or else your car will be stalled. Even with enough theory, you might stall a lot. And it is nothing to be ashamed of. Just restart all the processes and keep practicing until you can do it without even thinking. 

When you have already mastered all the basic techniques, it is time to do speed shifting.

A Complete Guide to Performing Speed Shifting Appropriately

A secret to executing the practice of speed shifting is to know when your car is attaining its utmost power in each gear and to shift consequently. So speed shifting manual transmission is the thing to understand. Before you actually practice this technique, it’s mandatory that you are entirely familiar with all the gears of your vehicle. Failing to know can land you in big troubles.

Performing speed shifting
Method of speed shifting (Source: kknews)

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To start with a speed shifting method, you must first be able to achieve a fine RPM from about 2000-4000. This range is different for different models of car. It totally depends on the low-end torque of the vehicle. In case if you have not reached a good RPM, it will become difficult for you to shift gears swiftly. To get more information about the RPMs, you can refer to expert driving tips by auto professionals.

Note that it takes experience and time to properly speed shift your car. Now, before you strike the ideal power-band for every gear, aim to shift about 200 RPM to 300 RPM. It will facilitate balancing your reaction time to spotting the changing indicator light that may be a second or more. Read the next step carefully as it’s the most important one.

During every speed-shift, try to rest your foot on the accelerator. By doing this, it will cause your vehicle’s engine to rev high whilst the clutch is pushed. Avoid releasing the clutch handle too early in order to avoid any kind of mishap. Hence, you will require performing your shift rapidly enough so that you do not come near the redline. Otherwise, it can result in burning out your engine. Besides, it can make the rev limiter to dribble in and unfortunately shut off your engine.

Is Speed Shifting Right for Your Vehicle?

The method of speed shifting might thrill you but it can result in some treacherous situations. Shifting your gears rapidly can cause considerable damage to the vehicle’s transmission. It can also lead to shutting off your car’s engine, if not executed properly. So, it’s always advisable to shift your gears slowly and systematically. Also, you should not release your clutch pedal very early as it can cause some serious circumstances.

Now, you might be familiar with the technique of speed shifting. It’s not difficult to execute but it demands a lot of practice to carry out properly. The more you perform, the better you’ll learn it.

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