Why Can’t Manual Transmission Gear Shifts be in a Straight Line?

Driving is an art and getting a smooth feel for the clutch is every driving artist’s dream. However, the conventional five-speed manual might be a bit tricky thing to do. In such cases, knowing the best gear type is necessary. Moreover, you might have noticed that the manual transmission gear shifts in the car are zigzag. Are you thinking that why this isn’t straight as all gears being in a straight line could be simple and easy to reach?” Well, a few aspects make the H-shape of the manual gears useful.

So, let’s get to know the reason behind not having the straight manual transmission gearshift now!

What’s up with Manual Transmission Gear Shifts?

Are you ready to find out the two major reasons for not having the straight gearshifts in the car? So, let’s explore now!

1.Why is the H-Pattern the best?

The H-pattern gear shifter is based on pure mechanical engineering that enables drivers to control the internals of manual gearbox. The reason, making the gears a zigzag pattern provides an easy shifting between adjacent gears. Every time when you have to change the gear, the H-pattern makes the selector knob to move from one gear to another, smoothly!

Working of Manual transmission gear shifts
H-pattern Manual transmission gear shifts. Source: Reference.com

Suppose, if you were in a 3rd gear and want to shift to the fourth, fifth, or even the first (reverse), the selection knob would go into the desired slot. Driving tips helps to change the speed and directions without having any trouble.

2. Why wouldn’t you want it in a sequential line?

The H-pattern in manual transmission gear shifts allows you to reach any gear from neutral without going through any other gear. But, if all gears were in the straight line i.e. 1-2-3…, the chances for shifting the wrong gear are really high. On the other hand, the H-pattern forces to change direction every time the gear is changed. Therefore, the chances of accidentally shifting into wrong gear are negative. In other words, we can say that the H-pattern prevents you don’t mess up with the gears by making the transformation easy.


Manual Transmission Gear Shift Problems

Despite the fact that manual transmission shift is safe and neglects the chances of accident gear shifts, a few problems that you can face when using them. So, let’s check them out right now!

1. Clutch Slip

The transfer of power from the engine to transmission property of the clutch allows drivers to switch between gears. In any worst case, when the clutch slips, the engine reverse but the car either won’t move at all or move in the undesired direction. In this situation, the clutch required to be replaced to avoid further issues in the gearshifts. Therefore, when it comes to using the manual transmission gearshifts, be careful with the clutches!

2. Clutch Stick

The problem of the clutch going to the floor and not coming back is the result of manual transmission gearshift. At this point, the clutch master or slave cylinder has an external seal leakage and need to replace quickly! However, it’s not that bad but, still has high difficulty factor that might result in a big issue.

3. No Fluid or Leak Replacement

Just like automatic transmission, change the fluid in manual transmission gearshift as well. This will help to keep the internal components work properly. However, the leakage is also a common problem that manual transmission user might face. Therefore, you also have to spend a lot of money to repair and exchange all these parts.

This single put-on push manual transmission gear shifts is simple and anyone can handle it without accidentally shifting to the wrong gears.

No Fluid Manual transmission gear shifts
Handling Manual transmission gear shifts. Credit: Getty Images/Onoky

So, go for the gear system that is useful, safe, and smooth, now!