6 Children Safety Advice for Parents Driving With Kids

For some traveling with children can be fun, and for some, pretty much taxing. In either case, it is a task that needs a lot of attention so that your children can be safe. While all cars come equipped with safety belts, children need extra care. When you drive with your kids, you need to follow some important children safety advice for parents. When accidents happen, it is only of trivial importance whose mistake it is. All that matters is that if you have taken all the necessary precautions for your children, and that they remain safe.

So, here are a few tips that you must always remember when you take your kids in the car.

6 Children Safety Advice For Parents While Driving

As drivers, we do realize that the road can be a nasty place. This is why you must do all that is possible to ensure your children’s safety while they travel with you.

1. Apt Car Seats Are Not An Option, But The Essential

You can’t just install any car seat. You need one according to your child’s age/measurements. It is not only the absence of baby car seat that can pose a great danger, but also the inapt size of it. Each country/state has its own directives for the use of baby car seats that takes into account the age, the length/height and the weight of the child. Make sure you adhere to it. Even if you secure the seat well with tethers and latches, a wrong car seat size can prove to be fatal. You must also follow the instructions for usage as supplied with the product.

Also, keep an eye on the recall. They happen pretty frequently. It is also important to know when you must shift your kids from car seats to boosters when the time comes. Your state’s government provides the details. Be aware of the regulations and fining.

2. Buckling Up

children safety advice for parents
Buckling up is a strict safety measure before ignition (photo source: Shutterstock)

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Buckling up kids is a simple but important task that you must never forget to do. If you do not, all the car seats, booster, and accessories will come down to nothing. You do make sure to tether and latch the car seats while driving with kids, but if you are not using seat belts, it could put your kids at massive risk in case of accidents. Even if you have teenagers riding in the backseat, make sure they use seat belts. It is one of the handiest tips to drive safely.

3. Seat Children At The Right Place

Children under 12 years of age, or under the weight and height that is considered average for a 12 year old, must ride in the back seat. Whether it is a child below 4 years, or above 4, the place for car seats and boosters is in the back by all means. This is an extremely important children safety advice for parents.

4. Secure Your Luggage

First, you must never place a heavy or projectile article on the shelf behind the rear seats. Do not even stash light objects there behind the kids’ seat. In case you brake hard, these objects can fall directly onto your children. You may get tempted to stack up things there, especially in the case of hatchbacks, where the boot space is not as much. Also, if you have heavy objects in the boot, use cargo anchors. Place heavy luggage on the floor as far ahead as possible. Don’t pile up things as they will fly forward in case of an accident.

5. Don’t Use Mobile Phone

Believe it or not, but mobile phones are the biggest distraction when it comes to driving safely, whether with or without kids. If you are driving with the kids, it is only far more dangerous than otherwise. Consider it as one of the most important driving tips of the century where smart phones have become dearer than life.

children safety advice for parents
You should discipline yourself to stay away from phone when driving (photo source: NEW YORK TRUCKSTOP)

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6. NEVER Ever Leave Kids Alone

Remember that leaving the kids alone inside or around the car can be dangerous. Kids will be helpless when another vehicle hits your car. Also, there have been cases wherein kids have died of heatstroke in closed cars. And, don’t leave them alone around your or anyone else’s car either. They could come in contact with the hot bonnet or exhaust and get hurt. They could also get struck behind the boot while someone is reversing the car.

So, make sure that you take this children safety advice for parents before you get your kids on board.