Do Car Doors Jam Underwater? And How To Survive A Submerging Car?

Fortunately, surviving a submerging car is possible. The only thing that you need is to think and act fast. As per the reports, a person stuck in a flooding car has a minute to get out of it and so you should use every second wisely. Calling 911 does not come as an option here. There are some things however that you can apply to survive a submerging car successfully.

Do Car Doors Jam Underwater?

Yes, the car doors jam underwater, and you cannot open it even with all your efforts. The reason is when a car submerges into the water, the water pressure from the outside stays so strong that human efforts go waste. The only solution here is to equalize the pressure in both inside and outside of the car and only then you can open the door.

To match the level of the pressure inside your car, you need to get the water inside, and thus a broken car window can be the only help. Do not try to break the windshield as it is of no use being stronger than the car’s windows.

How To Survive A Submerging Car?

Now that you know that escaping from a car’s door is not possible. Let’s explore what options you are left with.

1. Think And Act Fast

The number one rule comes to survive a submerging car is to act fast and do not waste a single second. The more delay you make, the more pressure gets on the car. Getting out of the car within a minute is mandatory. Do not let the car’s windows merge into the water and you have to break it before that point.

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2. Unbuckle And Break The Window

Can you open a car door underwater? Yes and with ease by unbuckle yourself and find something to break the glass of the window. Some cars have electrical windows that can work for a few seconds even if the windows are already drowned.

Use a glass breaker, hammer or if you can’t find anything, take the headrest off. Use the paper clip or a pin-like thing to unlock the headrest and strike it on the lower corner of the window. Use all your will until a crack happens and then the entire window will shatter.

3. Let The Pressure Equalize

Once the window is broken, wait until the inside of the car gets filled up with water and the pressure becomes equalized. Take that one last breathe that can make you reach the surface. Want to grab some more information? Make use of the Driving Tips here.

Some new models also come with a safety glass mechanism that you can shatter by striking in the specific area.

4. Swim Out And Get To The Surface

Use the window as a way to get out or you can also wait to open the door in case you are an expert in holding breathe. If you are with the family, then take the kids first and deliver them to the surface.

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Survive a submerging car through a door in a submerging car is impossible and hence you have to take the window way. Take a deep breath and do not panic while breaking that glass. Use your hands or the power of feet if you find nothing to break the window. Focus on survival and believe your instincts.