How Do I Save Myself From A Sinking Vehicle?

Definitely, no one wants accident happen in when enjoy driving our vehicles. But there is always possibility that it would happen. Because most of people never experience sinking car accident, they do not know what to do when it happens. That is the most common reason which leads death of lots of persons. Therefore, preparing knowledge for how to escape a sinking car is crucial. This driving tips article will help you visualize what exactly happens and what you should do when a car jumps into water.

How To Escape A Sinking Car? – Things Must Know

Speed is the key to survive in a sinking car accident. You will not have much time to think about what should be done in that situation. Make sure you know the basic step to apply if you have a bad day. It definitely increases your survival chance.

Two Steps Must Be Remembered 

How to escape from a sinking car in order to survive in an accident . You’d better make sure you know what to do in that situation. When it is crunch time, you might only have seconds to act. There are two very important steps in this emergency situation when the car makes contact with the water. Unfastening your seat belt and rolling down the window as fast as you can. Once you have done that, immediately vacate the car through the open window before the vehicle becomes submerged. That are basic steps for how to escape a sinking car if there are no unexpected problems.

how how to escape a sinking
Open window as fast as possible.

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Remember that you will only have about a minute to complete these two steps before the car sinks completely underwater. It is useless trying to open the door. Simply it will not budge because of the water force pressing on it from the outside. Memorize the steps : unfasten the seat belt and lower the window then climb out of the car. It is  your only chance of survival, a crank window will escape in the fastest way. There is a promising fact, according to the test results, a cars electronic continue to function for at least 10 minutes after it becomes submerged. So it does not a matter if you have power windows, you can still get out.

Some Possible Hiccups You Might Encounter

If you can not to get the window to roll down then break it. The quicker you react the higher chance to survive. That is why you must know how to escape a sinking car. Do not event try breaking the windshield. It is made of extra strong crash resistant triplex safety glasses. There are actually tons of online shops that offers special car window breaking tools at affordable prices. So just search on the internet, purchase one and keep it in your car. Another method is to use some heavy object with a pointed tip such as a hammer wrench or heavy screwdriver. If you do not have any of these you can use a stiletto heel or simply your elbow. If your car seat have removable headrests you use the metal prongs at the end of those aim your blows at the corners of the window where the glass is weaker.

how how to escape a sinking
Use any tool with pointed tip to break the window.(Source:

If you absolutely can not get out through the window wait until the car fills completely with the water then open the door. It seems like the craziest and scariest thing ever, but it works. Waiting for some time will allow the pressure inside and outside the car to equalize. Experts recommend keeping a firm grip on the door handle while the water fills inside when the inside and outside pressure is equal out. Take a deep breath before opening the door and swimming out. Remember that the door will not be opened easily, you might have to use your feet to open it. So be ready for that.

What To Do If There Are Children In The Car

If there are children in the car, you must shove them out ahead of yourself. In fact experts recommend the following plan of actions . First unbuckle your seat belt and lower the window. You should only help your children after your window is open. In the case of just one child,  what you have to do is unfasten their seat belt and push them out ahead of you. If there are several children, helping them from oldest to youngest might be the best choice in most situation . Once you have gotten your kids out leave the car yourself. Older children are first since they can potentially help the younger ones that way everybody get out safety. Knowing how to escape a sinking car early to protect your family.

how how to escape a sinking
Calm down and open your window first.

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Orientation After Getting Out Of The Car

Follow the air bubbles to seek your way to the surface. When you have successfully gotten out of your car, you can easily become disoriented underwater. This is because when car goes deeper in water, around the sinking car gets murky and clouded. It could also simple be due to pure fear and panic to find your way out. Swimming in the same directions the rising air bubbles will lead you to the surface.

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