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7 Secret Tips for More Efficient Driving

Like every other community, drivers have their own business secrets, which may help new drivers in learning the art of more efficient driving. They will also work as life-saving tips if any mishaps happen. Here are the 7 secrets every driver should know.

1. Manage Tire Blow

A deflated tire can happen anytime, but this is the time the driver needs to keep a hold on the nerves. If the tire blows, the first thing to do is continue driving in a straight line with slowing down the speed gradually. Do not hit the brake, no matter how tempting that might be in that situation. Hit the gas firmly for some seconds to regain control and get the car back on track.

2. Adjust Car Mirrors

Side mirrors and rear-view mirrors are the best friends of a driver. Before driving, adjust the side mirrors properly to get the full view of the road ahead. Make sure there is no blind spot (part of the road which is not visible) in the mirror.

In case you do not know, every standard rear-view mirror comes with 2 modes for day and night. While driving at night, pull down the mirror to switch to the night mode.

3. Turn the lights on High Beams during Winter

In winter, it is difficult to start the car engine at the first attempt. You can turn on the high beam and heat up the battery before starting. Turning on the radio or the indicator will also do the same job.


4. Driving in Fog

Fogs can make the view difficult while driving, so you need to be extra careful. Never use the lights on high beams in a foggy environment, as it will reflect the air vapor. Lower beam is the right choice or you can turn on the fog light.

5. Drive Slow and Steady in an Unknown Place

Driving can take us through some unknown roads and places. Remember that there is a high chance of accidents in unfamiliar places. While on familiar roads, you can explore the surroundings. But control this urge of exploring in a new area and focus on driving the vehicle attentively.

6. Get Unstuck from Mud and Snow

Having the vehicle stuck in sand, mud, or snow is extremely frustrating. Obviously, you will get help if another car is available nearby. Otherwise, drivers can use their hands or shovel or any other object to remove as much snow or mud as possible from around the wheels. This will help the car to get back momentum.

Be careful when driving in snow. (Source: ErikaWittlieb / PixaBay)

7. Driving on Straight Roads

Your car speed will seem two times slower than the actual speed while driving on straight roads. Hence, you need to slow down before taking a turn to avoid skidding.


Whether you are a new driver or an experienced one, these secret tips will surely help while driving. Apply them if the situation demands and have safe and comfortable driving experience.

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