5 Most Common Preventable Car Crash Injuries

Car accidents occur either due to the own negligence of the driver or because of the other vehicle or person violating the traffic rules. In both the cases, a person driving the car suffers from several injuries while preventing the accident.

No doubt, there are ample of safety devices in the car like seatbelts, which reduces the chances of serious injury. However, one can prevent several car crash injuries himself by carefully observing and taking smart action on time.

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Most Common Car Crash Injuries You Must Be Aware Of

While injuries in every car accident vary, still doctors have observed certain common injuries in every car-collision. Some of the Common Preventable injuries list is here, which if considered can save one from several damages during the car wreck.

1. Head and Brain Injuries

This type of injury mainly occurs due to a serious car crash. In such cases, a person suffers a head injury, concussion or traumatic brain injury. Thus, causing the loss of memory or consciousness of a person over a longer period; leading to coma in severe cases.

Usually, during this type of injury, the airbags in car protects the person from the front as well as side impacts. However, sometimes these safety bags can also cause minor injury but the intensity of the harm is quite less according to the experts.

2. Psychological Injuries

Apart from the physical harm, the victim sometimes also suffers from certain mental injuries. These may involve, pain attacks, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or nightmares. Furthermore, these types of injuries mainly occur in cases of severe burn or shock during the accident.

Therefore, providing compensation to such patients on the ground of mental harm besides the physical harm is necessary.

3. Face Injuries

During accidents, a person usually suffers from a fracture or some other car crash injuries to the teeth or jaw line area of the face/mouth. These injuries are mainly caused when the face of a person crashes with some strong objects like car’s window or steering wheel. Therefore, if a person covers his face and head with the hands during the occurrence of casualty. It can surely save him from any serious injury to the face.

Car crash injuries causing face injury
Injured woman after a car crash injury. Cre: Daisy Abitria 

4. Leg, Knees and Foot Injuries

During the mishap, if the legs and feet are joined it can save one from any severe fracture or injury. Thus, do not feel awkward and follow what can prevent any lower body parts injury.

5. Back Injuries

Back injury is common in case of a sudden jerk or stress felt during the car accident. It can lead to severe injuries like slip disc, fracture or sometimes, the mild injury like the sprain in back. Thus, to avoid such injury there is only one-way out, seatbelt. As by wearing this safety feature, one can restrict himself from any movement during a car crash.

Following this driving tip can surely save from any back injury, which otherwise cannot be cured permanently.

Car crash injuries can cause back pain
Car crash injuries causes back problems. Source: Live Enhanced

So, after knowing the tips on some of the common preventable car crash injuries, you can now smartly and easily prevent yourself from any serious injury in a car accident.