Install Car Alarm: The Easiest Guide to Installation

A car alarm is a car safety hardware that makes loud noises and flashes lights whenever an intruder tries to take place. The FBI report shows that a car gets stolen every 40 seconds in United States. One can never go wrong with buying the alarm for the car since it is a great shield. Alarm always keeps those thieves away, and it lowers the risk of car theft. Upon intrusion the car alarm acts instantly, and as per the total number of sensors it informs the car owner about it. You can install car alarm on your own in case you don’t need professional help. When you have your alarm ready, have this installation process in simple steps-

Install Car Alarm: The Step-Wise Guide

The material you would need for installation are:

  • Electric tape
  • Handheld Drill
  • Multimeter
  • Mechanic gloves
  • Soldering Iron or Crimping Tool
  • Wire strippers/cutters
  • Zip ties

Once you have these tools ready, you can start with the alarm installation process. There are various kinds of car alarms available. Based on the features and budget you need to find that perfect one. Such as a basic alarm activates when someone tries to force open the lock. An advanced alarm will ring when someone bumps into the car or tries to tamper it.

Before installing car alarm, always disconnect the battery first before beginning any installation work. Also, when you wire, stay away from the airbag wiring that is usually in yellow covers and connectors.


Installing Car Alarm
Car alarm works as shield against theft. Cre: Shutterstock


You may need to remove the necessary panels. Removing these panels would let you access the wires that you would need later to attach the alarm’s wiring with. Detaching the panels would also let you access the space under the dash to mount the alarm precisely so it doesn’t get noticed.

You can find the panels near the floor or underneath the steering wheel. You can always read your car’s service manual if you can’t find any such panels since they can be located differently for some cars. You can also mount the alarm under the seat and make it hard to detect for the thief.

Read the manual that comes with the alarm as well and you would be clear on how to install car alarm system. The reading manual clears most of your doubts about that particular alarm, and you can feel confident about installing it easily.

The Steps to be Followed Further

Finalize the spot to install the alarm on. Always install the alarm’s siren on a mental surface where it doesn’t get obstructed by any object to be it clean and loud. Also, the place should not get any water or extreme heat. Generally, the siren that is put face down would prevent water or any liquid from getting through it.

Find a space or make a hole to let the wiring pass. It is best if you can find a hole that pre-exists or you can drill one by yourself. You can drill the hole into a plastic or rubber section of the firewall, and don’t drill into the metal firewall.

If you are using the firewall to put the wiring through, make sure you insulate the wire. This would save the wire from any friction caused by the firewall.

How To Install Car Alarm System
Drill hole in plastic firewall to pass wiring. Source: Autoportal

Find where the alarm computer would connect according to the manual that may present a step by step car alarm installation. Generally, an alarm needs to be installed at the car’s ECU; however, some alarms need to be mounted in the engine bay. Read Maintenance Tips to manage every issue of your car effectively.

If there are any additional sensors, you can install them too. there may be LED lights as well that you can mount in the dash somewhere. Drill the hole when needed.

This is pretty it, you can connect the battery and check if the alarm works.

Installing the LED Indicator

 Some alarms such as advanced ones also come with LED lights that work to indicate you about the intrusion. If you have got one such alarm, you may need to drill an additional hole in the dashboard to put the wiring for the LED indicator.

Take the LED indicator wire through the hole and make the indicator on place. You can use a double-sided mounting tape.

To make the LED working, you need to locate the wires that connect to the light button on the door. Whenever the door would be interrupted, this would turn the LED lights on.

Connecting the sensor to these wires is also necessary to make it work whenever the door opens. You should always keep the wiring at one place, secure and bundled together so it comes easy to manage.

Make sure you install the valet switch as well. This will let you disable the alarm when you don’t need it or when you give your car to someone else, and you don’t want the alarm to sound unnecessarily.

Step By Step Car Alarm Installation
Reading alarm manual helps with easy installation. Source: UK


At last, you can check for any loose wires and bundle them as one. Connect the power line to the battery, so the alarm system powers up as you switch on the car. Based on the advancement of the alarm, you may need some additional tools too. always read the manual, and keep everything handy before you go and install car alarm.

So, it is not a tough task to install car alarm. Once you have read this guide, it will be easier to know how you can do this. So, take into consideration these important steps to install car alarm, and get things done the right way.