How loud should you play music while driving?

Without music, driving a car can be unexciting. Studies have found that if you play music while driving, your mood can be enhanced, which in turn can impact driving behavior. So, turning on the favorite song while driving is not a bad idea, but what if the sound gets too loud? According to car professionals, if the bass gets higher than normal, chances of the concentration getting affected is elevated. Besides, your ears and eyes can’t focus on the way. Additionally, increasing the volume of the music too much on the speakers is also dangerous.

Remember that the soother the tunes, the soother the mood. So, always play music while driving at a safer level such that it does not distract you.

How Safe is it to Play Music While Driving?

Music feels good when played at a high volume. It influences your mood positively while driving and charges you up. But, is it safe to play music while driving in high volumes? Research has revealed that loud music can damage your ears as well as your brain. In fact, it can even make your body problematical. Let us find out the effects of playing music too loud while driving!

1. Concentration gets Poorer

How to play music while driving
How safe is to play music while driving your car. Source: Internet 

Listening to loud music while driving can lead to many issues and problems. First and foremost thing, the concentration ability of the person is lowered down when exposed to loud music. In most cases, listening to your favorite tunes makes you more distracted. At this point, people tend to focus more on the music than the path, leading to a number of perilous circumstances. To avoid all these situations, you can take a look at the driving tips by the car experts.

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2. Audio Cues gets Missed

When listening to loud music, drivers could miss out hearing audio cues around them such as sirens and horns as well as visual signs. Their whole concentration is trapped on the lyrics of the song, which eventually makes them miss out traffic lights also. And, then you are very well aware of its consequences.

So, it is always recommended to play music while driving at a normal volume such that it does not distract you.

Play music while driving calmly
Always Play music while driving on a slow volume. Source: Winding Road Magazine

3. Loss of Hearing

Playing music in high volumes while driving can cause loss of hearing. If the volume of the music goes beyond 90 decibels, your eardrums start getting affected. One can suffer from temporary hearing issues in most cases. But, in the long run, there can be a complete loss of hearing. Make sure you do not turn up the favorite song too high that it has a negative impact on your ears.

So, we recommend you to play music while driving at the sound of 80 decibels. It will help you to make your driving experience more enjoyable!

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