How To Do A Three Point Turn In A Safe Way

What do you do when you realize that you are driving in the wrong direction? You simply turn around and take the correct route, right? But, what happens when the road is too narrow to take a U-turn and change the direction? You should learn how to do a three point turn to tackle these situations.

Some drivers don’t feel confident in taking the three point turn. But, it is not complicated. Keep reading to know how to do a 3 point turn and how it gets this name.

What Is A Three Point Turn?

Also known as a K-turn, Y-turn, and broken U-turn, it is the standard way to turn a vehicle to the opposite direction in a limited space or when the road is narrow. You have to use the forward and reverse gears to drive across the road, reverse, and then drive forward again to complete the turn.

Sometimes, it may require for a bigger or longer vehicle to drive to more than three points to complete the full 180-degree rotation.

how to do a k turn
The 3-point turn is a lifesaver when the road is narrow.


How To Do A Three Point Turn

There are not more than three point turn steps in the basic operation of this particular turn. You have to drive to the offside curb across the road and then reverse to the nearside curb. The last part is to drive forward to the nearside curb again and complete the turn.

If you still need a detailed explanation about how to do a three point turn, follow these steps:

Point 1#

When you realize that you have to turn to the opposite direction, the first thing you need to do is to choose a safe spot where no other vehicle is approaching from any direction. Move the steering wheel to the left and accelerate the car until it is near the edge of the opposite lane.

Point 2#

After completing the first point, you have to use the reverse gear and move the steering to the right. Slowly drive the vehicle backward to the edge of the road’s side from where you started in. You should constantly check the side mirrors and rear view for any oncoming vehicle from either end.

Point 3#

Use the forward shifting to drive onward while steering to the left side of the road. In this way, you can complete the turn and drive in the lane opposite of the one you were driving earlier.

how to do a 3 point turn
Do it when there is no oncoming traffic.

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As you now know how to do a three point turn, you realize that there is nothing unnerving about it when you perform it with cautious and safety concerns in mind. You have to choose the right spot to make the turn. Check all around you for oncoming vehicles or pedestrians, especially don’t forget about the blind spot. Avoid the busy roadway and do it only when it is an emergency. Otherwise, the safer option to make a U-turn is to drive on until you find a parking lot or driveway.

If you want to get more information about it, check the video below: