Turning Right Driving Lesson: Do It the Right Way

Does anybody need a turning right driving lesson, except for the rookie drivers? It is the most straightforward of all driving moves! Well, it seems that some people don’t pay enough attention because the move is pretty basic and unexacting.

Turning Right Driving Lesson: How to Do It the Right Way

Every driver should know how to turn right the proper way. If you are still learning or confused about something, follow these steps. They sum up the perfect right turn.

Make the decision beforehand.

You have to make the decision of taking a turn before the turn in the road comes. Carefully examine the blind spot and back gate to see if there’s any passer-by trying to cross the road or a car coming from the opposite direction.

taking right turn
Make the decision well in advance.

Slow the car and signal.

If everything is clear, slow your car and signal to the right. If you are driving a manual car, shift to a lower gear. Look into the mirror inside and then the one on the right wing. Move as close to the turn as possible.

Keeping the right speed is an important step in the turning right driving lesson. It actually depends on how open or blind the right turn is. You can move to the second gear and drive the car at 10-15mph if it is open. If it’s closed or blind, push the transmission to the first gear and keep the speed at around 5mph.

If you have any confusion about the speed, check this video:

Check again.

Make sure there is no potential hazard such as pedestrians or traffic close to the juncture. Just follow the basic pattern of looking at left-straight-right-left sides.

Complete the turn.

This is the last time you will be checking for any object (human beings or vehicles). Make sure that the junction does not have any pedestrian or cyclist and then complete the turn. If there is anything, wait at the point of turn position until it crosses the road. Make the turn then.

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The Tips for Avoiding Hazards

What have you gathered from the turning right driving lesson? It’s easy, right? Well, you still have to take some precautions to avoid risks on the road.

The car’s position

Position the vehicle just beside the center of the road (if there’s a road marking in the center). Don’t put it on or over the vehicle. Also, try to guess the turn as early as possible by looking at the road signs and markings.

Turning right driving lesson
Check the road signs before taking the turn. Source: Tweet Imprese

Watch out for the yellow light

If it shows yellow light on the traffic stop when you are approaching an intersection to take the right turn, you are legally bound to stop the car. Stop behind the white marking on the road and yield to others.

Keep an eye on the left-turning vehicles

Cars taking a left turn are legally bound to yield to the cars intending to turn right. However, if you face a driver who is not willing to do so, show your patience. Let it go first and then take your turn.