How to Avoid Car Sickness? 3 Tips to Calm Yourself

Is riding in your car your worst nightmare ever? If yes, then this could be due to car sickness. This sickness is associated with automobile motion and the cause of it is associated with “sensory mismatch”. People, who deal with car sickness generally avoid going on trips, but is that the solution? No, it isn’t!

Car sickness can hit people of any age. And, if you are looking for “How to avoid car sickness”, you are at the right place.

How to Avoid Car Sickness? The Helpful Guide

Car sickness is generally associated with symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, or even sweating. One should know that it is the eyes and the ears that sense and transmit the information to the brain when a person is in motion. And, when a mixed signal is perceived that leads to a mismatch between the visual and the vestibular system, car sickness occurs.

There are many ways to avoid car sickness though. And, the following section discusses many of such ways, so that you never have to miss on road trips.

1. Proper Ventilation Is the Key

If you have a cool and an airy atmosphere around your car, preventing car sickness would become easier. Either open the car windows or if the atmosphere outside is too hot to handle, switching on the AC can prove to be helpful. And, contrary to that if the outside air is too cold to handle, consider opening the windows slightly, so that the air could move in. The best idea here is to point the direction of air conditioners towards you.

Another benefit of ventilation is that it helps you keep away from the food odors in the car, which may otherwise worsen the car sickness.

Quick tips for How to Avoid Car Sickness
Facts about How to Avoid Car Sickness

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2. Nap on Your Seat

When looking for “How to avoid car sickness”, welcoming dreams can do the job. It is recommended to take a nap throughout the journey for it will help avoid car sickness. This is because the eyes would be closed and thus no signal mismatch would occur as visual interpretations would be at rest.

However, if you find difficulty in sleeping, keep comfortable cushions on the seat’s headrest, which, in turn, would help you drowse off comfortably. Also, you could munch through over-the-counter drugs that you should always keep in your car’s dashboard when traveling.

3. Take the Front Seat

Car sickness occurs when the ear and the eyes have a mismatch of opinions. Going into the details, when a person is riding in the car, his eyes perceive that he is still in his position and nothing is moving whereas the inner ear feels the motion and thus a signal conflict occurs, which, in turn, leads to car sickness. But when you prefer sitting in the front seat, your eyes see that the road ahead of you is moving and so is your body feeling the motion.

This leads to a harmony between the eye and the ear signals, thus better chances of not developing on car sickness. An important fact to note here is that if you prefer driving your car, you would increase your chances of staying away from car sickness. It is recommended to look for driving tips to consider if you are vulnerable to car sickness.

Tips for How to Avoid Car Sickness
Various ways to do How to Avoid Car Sickness

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Now you must be sure about one thing, when “How to avoid car sickness” comes to your mind, you would handle the situation aptly. However, one should know that it is more of a psychological problem and meditation can help greatly to fight your car sickness demons.