Turn on AC Correctly to Cool Down the Car Fast and Save Energy

How often does it happen that you switch your car AC on, but even after 2-3 minutes, the car is still hot? Odds are that you are not using your car AC properly. Did you know that if you don’t turn on AC correctly, you could be losing on energy and delaying cooling? Yes, there are certain steps you must follow for optimum cooling and save energy at the same time.

You many often come across cars whose air conditioners are as good as broke. And, it happens more so with the relatively old cars. It’s perhaps a result of decreased efficiency of the AC due to improper use. The fact is that not all drivers know how to use aircon properly. So, here is how you must use it.

How to Turn on AC Correctly for Optimum Cooking and Energy Saving

Most of think that turning on the car’s air conditioner is as easy as a pie. Well, in a way it is, but well, if you apply some basic technique, you will end up saving a ton of energy in the long run. These basic things also ensure that your car is cooled very quickly and optimally.

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Step 1: Open the Windows Partially

It is common sense how hot the car cabin can get when locked up in the sun. Due to the absence of circulation, the hot air gets locked up inside. When you open the car, roll down the windows partially to expel most of the hot air out of the car.

Turn on AC Correctly to ensure fast cooling
Turn on AC Correctly in your car to avoid any issue. (photo source: Jay Pichardo/Youtube)

AC mechanism in all cars works by expelling the hot air out of the car. So, on way to ensure fast cooling is by ensuring reduction of hot air in the cabin.

Step 2: Turn Off Recirculation Mode

As you start the engine, turn off the recirculation mode. This will enable the hot air to escape through ventilation and it won’t be blown back inside. Once you start feeling that the air is cooler than before, switch to recirculation mode. This will allow the now cooled air to circulate within the cabin. It is a very crucial step before you turn on AC correctly. It adds to the efficiency for the car AC.

Step 3: Hi Speed AC at the Time of Start

Tips to turn on AC correctly
Turn on AC correctly to allow the cooled air to circulate (photo source: MaxPixels)

If your car has been parked out in the scorching sun, doing this would be a great idea. The cabin, in this case gets pretty humid. Roll down all the windows completely. Blast the manual AC at full speed, and keep rolling for 2-3 miles. When you feel that the cabin has cooled down, and the AC vents are throwing cooler air, roll up the windows. Now turn on the recirculation mode to reduce the pressure on the air conditioner.

Step 4: Low Speed on Auto AC

If your car features an automatic air cooling system, or climate control. You must always start the AC at the lowest given speed. This is the shortest possible route to bringing the cabin temperature down. Once that is done, you can adjust the speed later. When it comes to automatic control, this is actually the way to turn on AC correctly.

Follow these 4 maintenance tips and you will see the difference in the performance of the AC. Also, proper use of car air conditioning will help you save oodles of energy and prolong the batter life as well as increase the mileage.