The Right Occasions For Using High Beam Headlights

Nighttime and low visibility is not a good combination, especially when you are driving at 40 to 50 mph in the highway. Even the most experienced drivers will not dare to do it. The right use of high beam headlights is the only solution to avoid accidents in these situations.

The visibility of most drivers depends on good lights. Driving with high beams enhances their peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to recognize colors.

Visibility Distance Of High And Low Beams

You have to know about the visibility distance of both high and low beams before learning to use your high beam headlights at night.

The low beam casts light nearly 200 feet of road in front of the vehicle. If you are driving at 30 mph, the car will skid 200 feet after pushing the brake pedal. The distance extends to about 350 to 400 feet when you turn on the high beam headlights. A car will cross that length after braking when you are driving at 50 to 55 mph.

when to use high beams
Dim them when you are close to other vehicles. (Photo Source: keralapool)

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When do you use your high beams? Somewhere when you are driving at a high speed and need more distance to cover after a sudden break. The high beam headlights distance is twice as far as low beams.

When To Use High Beam Headlights

Using the high beams will help you see further down the road. You will be able to make the best use of these headlights in the following situations:

On Dark City Streets

Not every road in the city is well-lighted. You can turn on the high beams when the road has no street lights or it is a construction zone. Drive slowly if the area is unfamiliar so that you don’t hurt any pedestrian or bicyclist.

Remember to dim the high beams when a vehicle from the opposite direction is within 300 to 1,000 feet or the vehicle in front of you is within 200 to 300 feet.

The same rules apply for rural and country areas where the roads are likely to have few streetlights. By being careful and efficiently switching between high and low beams, you can avoid hitting animals, strollers, and cyclists.

In Interstate Highways

There might be long stretches in the highway without any roadside lamps. You should turn the high beams on to increase the range of your visibility in those areas. Just like driving in urban areas, remember to dim the beams when you are in close distance to other vehicles. Check the local DMV website to learn the safe distance between vehicles regarding keeping the beams on and off.

use your high beam headlights at night
Don’t use them in bad weather. (Photo Source: digitaltrends)

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When You Should Not Use High Beam Headlights

Use the low beams and drive slowly when the weather is bad. Bright lights can make your vision worse in fog or when it is raining or snowing. The light shines into the water particles and reflects towards you. It becomes the worst during snowstorms because ice and snowflakes reflect even more lights.