Driving In Fog Made Easy – Here’s How

Even if you are a professional driver with years of experience on every type of road, sitting and driving in fog will still pose a challenge. Driving your car is more dangerous in a fog-covered highway than it is in rains, as you never know from which side a vehicle might come. For many, driving in fog might look like an impossible task as they try to drive on the road covered in nothing but a white blur.

Always remember that a dense fog can easily wreak havoc on even a seasoned driver’s judgment as to where to turn next. You can browse online to get the best driving tips for safely reaching your destination when driving in fog.

Tips To Follow When You Are Driving In Fog

Dense fog is one of the reasons for several pileups and accidents on highways throughout the world. It severely affects the visibility of the driver about the right time to turn and when to stop.

However, we have come up with some practical tips for you to drive and reach your destination safely when driving in fog. These will provide the answer to the question that comes in your mind, .i.e. how to drive in fog safely.

1. Low Beams Only

A question that even seasoned drivers ask is as to whether should you use high beams in fog? The answer is a big NO.

The use of high beams will severely decrease your visibility. The intense light beams would reflect off the water particles in the fog and make it appear denser. The first tip for a smooth driving in fog is to use low beam lights.

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2. Defrost Function

As fog would appear in high humidity, it is an excellent decision to use your cars defrosts function. It is one of the best driving in fog tips, which will keep the inside of the car windows dry. Do not try to wipe the windows using a rag or any other clothing as it will not only distract you from driving but also cause a smear on the car windows.

3. DO NOT Slam the Brakes

Remember, the majority of accidents during a fog occur when the driver ahead of you always slams the breaks. However, always remember that there are other vehicles behind the car. It will lead to only one situation, a massive pileup in the middle of the road with you being the accused. Hence, when driving in dense fog, do not slam the breaks without making sure that there is no one behind you.

4. The Windshield Wipers

The windshield wipers help in keeping the water off the windshield when it is raining. However, when you are driving in fog then using them on the lowest setting would help clear the fog off the windshield.

Effective Driving in fog tips
Best driving in fog tips (Photo Source: wikimedia)

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Summing Up

Thus, when driving in fog then following the tips mentioned above would help you not only keep yourself but other drivers safe as well.