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Why People Driving With Hazard Lights Flashing Should Stop Immediately

Be honest, we all did it at least once in our life. Driving with hazard lights on is a common activity, especially when we need to drive in the dark or to warn people. For some people, hazard lights flashing is amazingly suitable for this. However, turning these lights on while driving is not only the threat for people in front and around you. In order to understand why people should stop driving with hazard lights on, let’s us discuss a bit further.

The definition of these convenience lights is still unknown to many beginning car owners. So, what is hazard warning lights and why driving with hazard lights on is a bad idea? First, we will discuss about this car part.

What is Hazard Lights Flashing

Driving With Hazard Lights Flashing
The flashing hazard lights can be activated by this button. Source: Infomagic 

Hazard warning lights or hazard flashers are a pair of flashing indicator lights with the purpose of warning other drivers the in temporary objective.

In order to activate it, drivers press the red triangle button on the dashboard. In most of the cars, it will be placed in the middle and car owners must press by hand. Other vehicles, however, will automatically activate if the vehicle is in an accident or heavy braking.

The use purposes of these flashing hazard lights are very different around the world. In the UK, car owners use them when slowing down on a motorway, but in New Zealand, they do not use it.

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Hazard Lights Flashing Using in The Right Way

The fact that, even in developed countries, in some countries that had a long history in using cars like the United States, Japan or European countries, there are still existing some hazard lights flashing using ways that inaccurate and wrong. For example, in Japan, the driver will use flashing hazard lights to thank other drivers for letting him entering the lane.

In some cases, more negatively, in other parts of the world, drivers use car hazard lights to cross over the intersection, overtake another car or with some bus drivers, they use car hazard lights to dread other cars and tell them: “I’m speeding, do not get close!”

Driving with hazard lights on
Driving with hazard lights on is good or not? Source: Storyblocks

Most countries nowadays do not have any official rules that regulate the use of flashing hazard lights. For large states such as the United States, only a few cities of current states use its warning lights rules due to the habits of indigenous peoples.

And for that reason, we have not formed an unspoken practice in the use of flashing hazard lights till now, so it is important to understand the concept of this warning light so that it can be used in the right way.

As its meaning, the warning light button is always located in a place to observe easily, large size on the dashboard also, so that the driver is not difficult to use. Therefore, this warning light should only be used in the following cases, this is also recommended by the manufacturer.

1. Cars have to park on the road

On the highway, if the car encounters some unexpected problems and unable to move to the place of stopping as prescribed. The driver must parked on the side of the road and need to turn on the flashing hazard lights to other cars attention. Noticing other vehicles to avoid any collisions. Besides, maybe other drivers will help you in some circumstances (of course this situation is very rare in reality).

2. Cars moving in dangerous condition

If in the situation that the car can not reach to the stop or parking place, the driver should turn on car flashing lights to inform that your vehicle is in malfunctioning situations to know how to handle with other vehicles behind.

3. Bad weather

The word “bad” used because in case of raining or normal fog, we just have to turn on the fog lights or enough level for headlights. But remember, you need to avoid to turn on hazard lights because all vehicles behind will not be able to recognize when your car turn or lanes changing. In other cases, flashing hazard lights can also blur the brake lights.

Driving with hazard lights on
Driving with hazard lights on in bad weather. Source: Greenville Online

But in case the weather is too bad, the fog is thick, the driver’s view is only a few meters away, also the rain is too big that the windshield wiper is meaningless at that case. We should turn on car hazard lights to attract the attention of other cars around. Furthermore, remind to keep the distance safe between cars. However, the best option in case of heavy rain is to park along the road, turn on the flashing hazard lights and wait until the rain drops.

Why Driving With Hazard Lights On Is A Mistake

Yes, it is true. Driving with hazard lights flashing can bring you straight to the office box.  You might have already witnessed many vehicles with hazard lights flashing when driving under heavy storms, but it is actually a huge trouble.

According to AAA, driving with hazard lights on is illegal in a number of states. By press the red triangle, your vehicles will activate four turn signal flash at the same time, and this could be misunderstanding for an emergency.

Many car owners will say that they need to increase their visibility. However, driving with hazard lights flashing on is not only a danger to yourself but also giving a faulty heads-up to other drivers. If the weather is bad, our recommendation is to reduce the speed with the headlights on low beam. Along with that, maneuver the vehicle and turn off the cruise control to pull over to a safe place until the weather gets better.

Remember: Do not slam the brakes or make any sharp turn! You could lose control of your own car and easily cause accidents.

In conclusion, always watch out for your hazard lights before grabbing the wheel. You should only use it when your car is stopped or damaged on the road. If you are interested in our driving tips that we have provided. Do not deny to follow us to catch up with our daily articles to satisfy your demands.

  1. Mwendoi Mwendoi says

    Good advice.

  2. Emmanuel Kandaya says

    Thanks for the tip but this has failed to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt how driving with hazard lights on is a bad idea.

    1. Okiror Ibrahim says

      When some drivers drive through an intersection,it can cause confusion hence collision with motorists from the crossing road, since only one indicator light will be visible to them, that can mislead them to drive on assuming that the one with the flashing indicator, is making a turn to that direction! Isn’t that possible?

  3. Alisalehe says

    Nita washa doable harzad endapo gari langu Likua notatizo katikati ya balabala nanitatumia dabo hazard

    1. Okiror Ibrahim says

      Hiyo no saws ndugu.

  4. Paul Cawson says

    In the rain with poor visibility a car around a bend had its hazard lights on it was still moving but I had to assume it was stopped. This caused me to skid

  5. Peter says

    Agree with Emmanuel, this article has not demonstrated the dangers of driving with hazards on. In our Kenyan context, if your car has a mechanical issue, you drive with hazards till you get to a place you can access mechanical help. If the weather is too bad, you drive with hazards so that the person following you can see you clearly and also to warn them that visibility is low.

  6. Mohamed Awadh says

    I tried to find out where is the concrete reason on why we should not drive while our hazard light is but not see, this tips failed to demonstrate it ,plz just give them out.

    1. Okiror Ibrahim says

      The reason is hidden in the secret book of common sense! The word “Hazard”, means”Danger”_that means it must only be used when the vehicle has developed mechanical issues that can’t allow the driver to safely park off the middle of the road that is likely to endanger other road users. That is the reason they can work even if the engine is off! Are we together now my fellow motorists!?

  7. Ronald luyinda says

    In Uganda I actually use it in times of heavy rain or when my car is faulty.and a person! Behind u can be warned in the due course.

  8. Gukemba says

    Good advice

  9. SN says

    The article demonstrates that the abuse of the use of hazard lights can be dangerous and that the better option for a vehicle that is not immobile is to reduce the speed and use the low beam. I see no harm in the advice provided as one of the users did say that the use of the hazard lights nearly caused an accident.

  10. Rexina Kamutande says

    Good advice but can the writer of this article explain in detail the dangerous part of driving with hazard lights, that component is totally missing in the write up.

  11. Tanzania says

    the article didint show how does i can say bad to have a flash light

  12. Chris Baley says

    As a cross country truck driver in the USA for 30 years, this is not the case in my country. When climbing a steep grade, the use of hazard lights is mandatory! The driver going slower than the speed limit will get a citation for not having their hazard lights on, As soon as the vehicle is able to come back up to the posted speed, the hazard lights are then to be deactivated.

  13. Anseli Inambao says

    It is really a good advice thank you very much.

  14. David.c.Kamuchele.jr says

    Thanks for your advice.

  15. Okiror Ibrahim says

    Very useful tips! Keep it up. Thanks.

  16. Warrenpatterson says

    Warren patterson.
    When you have got your hazzard lights on there is one big probblem
    You are surpose to get into the break down lane and sort the probblem out.

  17. Mbiro Moses says

    Thanks for the knowledge, knowledge is power.

  18. Melo says

    Good advice but more on why it’s dangerous to use hazard lights

  19. Melo says

    Good advice but explain more on why it’s dangerous to use hazard lights

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