6 Horrible Reasons Why Drivers Don’t Use Turn Signals

Turn signal is one of the most significant features of car safety. It main function is to inform other car owners when you want to change your direction. However, one sad fact that many drivers don’t use their turn signals as usual they should be. How is this happening?

Find Out Why People Don’t Use Turn Signals

“Even though turn signals are very convenient for driver’s safety, it could be quite troublesome sometimes” is what many car owners said. In this article, we will find out why people don’t use turn signals:

Nobody’s Around

Don't use Turn Signals
Drivers usually behave better when there are more cars surrounding. Cre: Shutterstock

“Why you need to inform other people that you are about to turn when there are no people?” If you are driving in the rural areas and this is what you have in mind, you are making a terrible mistake. According to Car Insurer Esurance, many fatal accidents occur in country roads and local neighborhoods than busy highways. When you are inside your vehicle, your vision will be limited and sometimes, there might be a car, a person or an objective will slip out of your sight. For that reason, turn on the light signal will save you from a lot of troubles.

YOLO (You Only Live Once)

Living a dangerous life might be the legit reason for this behavior. Even though there are no reliable numbers for turn signal neglect accidents, drivers tend to ignore using this car feature when holding the wheel. And sadly, this “YOLO” spirit is not only in young driver’s blood.

Airbag and seat belt can save you when you have an accident, but a turn signal can prevent the accident for you. No matter how you see it, turn signal is the most powerful and effective means for communicating with other car owners. However, some of you choose not to use it.

Too Much Trouble To Turn Off

Don't use Turn Signals
Lazy is actually a reason for not using turn signals. Source: Mutually

Believe it or not, this is actually a reason why car owners don’t use turn signals. Many drivers said that they forgot or found it too troublesome to turn off the turn signals. Even though going through many big chances since 1940 s and automatically switch off when finished a turn, the turn signals are unable to perform their mechanism when you are merging into heavy traffic.

Yet again, it is unacceptable for not use the light car safety just because you find it troublesome!

It Is A Right Turn

This is another popular reason why people don’t use the turn signals, and we can all understand why. Since turning left is much more dangerous than turning right, car owners will likely use turn signals when changing to that direction. By doing so, other people will understand that you are about to cut across and reduce car’s speed.

But what about right turn? It is actually boring and straight-forward, since everyone drives on the right side of the road. However, it does not save you from a ticket.


You Are Secretly A Professional Race Car Driver

Don't use Turn Signals
Don’t turn your normal working road into racing road! Source: Sauber F1

According to studies in 2007, 57 percent of drivers claimed not to signal when changing direction. In that percent, there are four reasons that caught our mind: “time problem”, “lazy”, “unimportant” and “add excitement to driving”.

We all watched NASCAR drive tournament when we were kids. And when growing up, you might fantasize to become them and weaving through lanes of traffic like trying to win the champion cup. This of course bring troubles to other drivers. After all, we want to get home from work alive and especially not search for excitement. This is also a reason why driver don’t use turn signals.

“The Guy In Front Of Me Doesn’t Use Too”

Don't use Turn Signals
Do not be influenced by anyone else. Cre: Arenacreative | Dreamstime.com

Stop with this reason immediately if you want to get back home without hurting yourself. Studies find out that both good and bad driving behaviors can be contagious, especially on roads. In fact, many people don’t use turn signals when in front drivers did not use them.

You might find it unnecessary, yet this small action shows that we are slowly modeling a bad habits toward driving community.