What Sets Apart The Experience Of Driving A Manual Transmission Car?

There is no doubt in the fact that automatic transmissions have brought convenience and comfort of driving. Still, the riding fun that comes along with manuals is unparalleled. The true essence of contentment comes when you put your foot down the clutch and change gears when driving a manual transmission car. The number of manuals is depleting slowly, but still many choose manuals over automatics. Why is that so? Read on, to find out.

Why People Prefer Driving A Manual Transmission Car?

First came the manuals then came the automatics. This simply implies that people have always been comfortable with driving manuals rather than the new technological invention. Let’s explore the fun element that has made manuals popular and evergreen.

1. If You Can Take Over Control Then Why Not

It is not only a matter of preference or comfort; manuals have always been a choice for car geeks who love control. On the contrary, automatics pre-shift without intimidation and that may not go well with experienced drivers. It may seem convenient to the amateur drivers, but an expert would never want to be controlled.

In the technical terms too, a manual transmission tends to save the fuel and, in turn, promotes fuel economy. Go through driving tips, to know how manuals are better on fuel efficiency. The wear and tear of the engine also get significantly diminished, when you know exactly and precisely as to when to shift your gears. In short, when you want to be the boss, driving a manual transmission car is all one would want.

2. A Connection Worth The Hype

Driving a manual transmissions vehicle is no less than driving a high-performance mechanical block that one enjoys driving. Once you have your hands and feet working to move the vehicle, the sense of satisfaction is beyond expectation. You feel connected to the vehicle’s system, and that turns the overall experience pleasant.

The best part is that you do not rely on the automatics; rather you stay alert to what is ahead of you. The sound that the engine makes while up-shifting or down-shifting is another pleasure a driver ought not to miss!

Complete Guide for driving a manual transmission
Facts for driving a manual transmission. (Photo Source: autodeal)

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3. Rarity Adds Uniqueness

You would be aware of the fact that manuals transmission vehicles are reducing day by day. Notably, in the US, the number of automatics has been reigning the roads, keeping the current scenario in mind. It is a fact that having anything that is unique and rare to be found makes one feel proud. Same goes the case with manual transmissions!

Driving what everyone else is driving is common. When you do not follow the crowd and restrain to manuals, you become one in millions, and that in itself is fun. The delight that comes along when you are different from the crowd in any way is always welcome!

4. Learning Unprecedented Driving Skills

There is a lot to car driving than the simple maneuvering through the lanes. When you have automatics transmissions, the skills that you develop along the way get limited. In manuals, apart from the control, you learn the skills that can help you drive through hills, off-roads, or whatever may come down the road.

The real fun starts when you know the technique to make a start on a steep slope, lightning fast shifting, how to start using heel and toe, basic reverse techniques, smooth shifting, and what not. All the techniques would make you a connoisseur driver who can be the master of driving through any kind of road.

Why driving a manual transmission?
Need to know about driving a manual transmission. (Photo Source: cartipster)

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Wrapping Up

Some people pose automatics as boring and driving a manual transmission as fun! Now that you know the reason behind it, never feel left behind if you own a manual. Driving it is a joy that could give you a satisfaction of a lifetime.