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Leaving Manual Car In Gear At Traffic Light – A Bad or Good Idea?

Getting stuck in traffic jams is the last thing that one would want. Traffic lights test the patience like no other. What becomes dicey in such situations is how to maintain a car when at halt. Adding on, will leaving manual car in gear at traffic lights would be a bad idea?

Have you been staying in gears while at traffic signals and wondering how does it affect your car and drive experience? Let’s explore the much-ignored topic below.

How Bad Is It When Leaving Manual Car In Gear At Traffic Lights?

Keeping your manual car in gear that too in a traffic jam is a bad idea. Owing to the corresponding risks and damages that it can lead to, staying in gears is a complete no-no. Before you start wondering as to what damage it could lead to, read the section that follows.

1. Damage To The Clutch

Whenever you step on the clutch when stuck in a traffic jam, you are indirectly harming the clutch life. Two clutch parts are likely to wear such as the clutch discs and the throwout bearing.

When you keep your foot on the clutch without putting much force onto it, the throwout bearing is liable to get damaged. More the time you spend pressing down that clutch, more is the damage to the throwout bearing. This wear out would be evident once you press the clutch pedal down, and a grinding noise would be heard in return.

On the other hand, clutch disc damage is another thing that could ruin your driving experience and magnify your expenditures. The disc damage usually occurs due to natural slippage and over time, but when you continue it through traffic, the wear out will be sooner than ever.

Points to remember leaving manual car in gear at traffic lights
Understand about leaving manual car in gear at traffic lights

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2. Probable Chances Of Mishap

For instance, you are stuck in a traffic jam with your foot on the clutch pedal. You are waiting patiently, and suddenly your foot slips off the clutch. Now what? The car would start moving without you even having control over the situation. You could ram a car in the front or even hit some pedestrian.

The consequences of leaving manual car in gear at traffic lights are dangerous even to imagine, isn’t it? It is better to stop the wonder games and look for more fool-proof solutions that can save the day. Reading through driving tips can come in handy when safe driving is what you seek for.

3. Choosing The Right Way

It is not all at all a good idea to leave a manual transmission car in gear while in traffic. What would be safer in such a situation is to rather keep your car in neutral with your foot disengaged from the clutch pedal. Do not forget to keep the hand brakes applied.

The only downside of not staying in gear is the extended time that you would take to start off again. Further, the cars behind would be constantly banging their horns, and in case a fair distance is not maintained, a back hit is liable to occur.

Good idea for leaving manual car in gear at traffic lights
Follow good tips leaving manual car in gear at traffic lights

Wrapping Up

Traffic jams are inevitable. What can be ignored though is leaving manual car in gear at traffic lights. Damage is damage no matter how small it is. Rather than regretting later, follow good driving practices that make you a safe navigator.