Common Reasons Why Car Squeaks When Turning

A smooth ride in the car while driving to the office, home or any other destination gives a pleasant feeling unless the vehicle starts making noise. And, fortunately, you aren’t the first individual to hear car squeaks when turning.

In simple words, this is one of the most common car issues with many culprits at play.

3 Main Causes Explaining – Car Squeaks When Turning

Hearing a sharp and high pitch sound on turning the car while driving is alarming. Moreover, the car system is so complex and inter-related that a small problem can affect the entire structure.

Hence, it’s important to find the main cause of this issue and get the car repair done, immediately.

1. Damaged Belt Connected To Steering Wheel

One of the major cause of steering wheel squeaks when turned is the worn out or broken belt.

Popularly known to provide power to the car’s system, this belt needs to be replaced immediately. Or, else it may affect the fluid pressure coming from the power steering pump. In the worst scenario, the broken belt may interrupt the wheel movement by freezing the functioning of the power steering system.

And, this is the time, when the car produces screeching sound on turning the steering wheel. Therefore, you must seek periodic car maintenance to keep the car in good condition. Otherwise, the old power steering system of the car has to push hard for creating the desired amount of fluid pressure.

2. Low Power Steering Fluid

When the steering wheel is not centralized, car squeaks when turning. It occurs because of the low level of fluid in the system. As a result, the fluid is unable to enter the system, which otherwise would have lubricated it.

Even the contaminated fluid can be the major reason for producing this irritating sound. And, changing this oil may work as a magic against the steering problem.

car squeaks when turning
A smooth ride in the car while driving car squeaks when turning

3. Faulty Ball Bearing

On hearing the squeaky sound in car front, it’s most likely that the ball joints of the power steering system has failed or worn out. Therefore, immediate replacement of this component must be done or else, the vehicle may start vibrating. It can also cause the tires in front to dwindle, which may result in a car accident.

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Some Other Reasons for Car Squeaks

After checking the above-stated reasons, you can also look for other car components to find the real cause of squeaky steering wheel. For example, a damaged power steering pump, tread wear or under inflated tires, and dry steering or suspension component.

Note: If the squeaky sound is heard once in a while from the car front then, there’re chances that the tires have come in contact with the sticky or slippery surfaces. In such situations, don’t worry and keep driving.

car squeaks when turning
Keeping in mind these reasons of car squeaks when turning

Keeping in mind these reasons of car squeaks when turning can certainly help you in understanding the actual problem and schedule the service timely.