10 Fastest Trucks In The World To Know About NOW!

Good lord, the world is full of innovation and advancement. And one thing that has always been progressing is the motor industry. Yes, this industry has been developing since forever, and now we can see tons of new technologies in cars. It seems engineers are on their way to create the world’s best cars out there. The latest inventions say it all when we think of measuring the performance and quality of the cars. Some are good with their engines while some others with the features. However, today we are going to speak of the speed. Yes, today we will know more about which are those fastest trucks in the world that has blown our minds away.

Good news for truck lovers, who always wondered how such big thing, can be so speedy on the roads. So let’s delve deeper into the list of top 10 fastest trucks in the world that are here to blow your mind away.

Fastest Trucks In The World To Know About Right Now

If you too are a huge fan of trucks, this list is definitely for you. So, without much ado let us get into the list here.

1. Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharged

As they claimed, that Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharged is a full-size pickup truck that can match the speed to that of Ferrari and many other speedy cars out there. The credit can be given to the 5.7-liter v8 engine that can produce 504 horsepower. Now that is something that has added to the speed of this truck, making it one of the fastest vehicles in the world. Some even say that the supercharger of this truck can let you go from zero to 60 seconds in a mere time of four seconds. Now that is something cool, right? This is what makes it one of the fastest trucks in the world.

Toyota Tundra is a fast beast

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2. Ford SVT Raptor

This comes from the 2016 model and probably one of the fastest trucks that they have ever manufactured. Well, if we top and fast brands like Ferrari were to make any of such trucks, this one would have definitely been in the list. Yes, that’s how the speed matches. It comes with 500 horsepower and has that twin turbo V-6 engine fitted to do that. 140 mph is just what this truck needs to reach its top speed.

3. Dodge Ram SRT-10

It was introduced back in 2002 at some auto show, and its only purpose was to be as fast as possible. The truck has incredible speed of 154 mph, and this can go from base to ninety within 4.9 seconds. Thanks to the 8.3-liter Viper V-10 engine that makes it one of the fastest trucks across the globe. You can even read car reviews given by experts to know more about these trucks.

4. Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

Imagine that gorgeous truck going from zero to sixty in just 5.2 seconds. It can go up to a speed of 147 miles in one hour. Now that is something that we can consider for the fastest car in the world. The truck is fascinating and can provide you the comfortable and speedy ride in no time. This is how one of the fastest trucks in the world works.

Ford F-150 SVT Lightning can be used for racing

5. Ford F-150 Tremor

The truck equips 3.5 liter V6 to produce 420 lb-ft torque. The graphics are worth your attention and you will never be tired of adoring this beauty. What even attracts the truck lovers is the super color combination that they have used in their trucks. The black wheels are going to capture all your attention. And just imagine this beauty taking you from zero to ninety in just six seconds. Now that is crazy, right!

6. Chevrolet Silverado SS

It happened in the mid of 2000, and it took over the world as one of the fastest trucks to buy in no time. This truck can hit 60 miles per hour in just flat 6.3 seconds. Isn’t that incredible now? The truck utilizes the most powerful motor that has the power to generate almost 345 horsepower to make your vehicle run like a rocket. Strong looks and speed together make it an astonishing thing that you can buy to speed up on the roads.

7. Dodge Lil’ Red Express

It became popular when they started counting it among one of the fastest American made vehicles. The truck was not just appreciated for its looks but also its speed. The high-performance engine made sure that it reaches the quarter mile in no time of 14.7 seconds. Now that is something awesome, isn’t it?

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8. 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country

If you really want to see how advancements have taken place in the auto industry, go for the 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 High Country. Sure, it can take you from zero to sixty in a mere 5.7 seconds. This is the speed of this truck, which is simply outstanding. Besides, you will get to see an amazing towing capacity of 12000 pounds besides 420 horsepower.

9. Toyota Tacoma x-Runner TRD

Just 6 seconds and it will take you from zero to sixty! Yes, that’s the power of this vehicle. The truck equips a 4.0- liter supercharged V-6 that gives engine all the power to take your car from base to there within a few seconds. Fantastic performance and super comfortable, this truck are worthy of being counted among the fastest trucks in the world.

10. GMC Syclone

It was introduced back then in 1991, and it took only 14.1 seconds for covering a quarter mile while 5.3 seconds to go from zero to sixty. It was just introduced in one color i.e. black. The features, when compared, were more like that of a sports car including turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, anti-lock brakes, and even all-wheel drive. This complete beauty came with a powerful engine to speed up the truck in no time.

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This was one fast beast of the last century


So, that was the list of some of the fastest trucks in the world that you can buy for speedy rides. So go ahead and read the list if you are thinking to buy one out of the fastest trucks in the world!