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Why The 10-Year-Old Nissan GT-R Is Still So Good?

The Nissan GT-R that has now covered the journey of the whole ten years is still worth considering. It is the specifications of the supercar that scream it all. Write about some specifications here!

Nissan GT-R gained an overwhelming purchase when it was first introduced in the market. Powered with a twin-turbocharged inline-six motor, this car also took the awe for its sophisticated look.

Here we are going to tell you the reasons why it still deserves to be in your garage as your next sports car.

Nissan Skyline GT-R – The Supercar

The GT-R is an ever-growing car in terms of specs and looks. There were regular upgrades for the horsepower, engine, and external aspects. The model which was nicknamed as ‘Godzilla’ proved it to be true with the 3.8-liter V6 engine and 485 HP, which later increased to 530 horsepower and then reached to 570.

This was the perfect engineering of the automobile industry from Japan that the engineers who designed it were considered as ‘Takumi.’ Takumi is a term that defines a man who is a specialist in the craftsmanship. Those designers are Kurosawa, Tsunemi Ooyama, Izumi Shioya, and Nobumitsu Gozu who designed at Nissan’s Yokohama plant.

One can easily notice how this creation made progress every year and amazed the supercar lovers all the time.

The Ultimate Secret Of NISSAN GT-R (Photo Source: youtube)

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What Makes Nissan GT-R Interesting To Own? Things to Know

Other than its specs about the engine and the horsepower, there are things worth considering. Let’s see what the Nissan skyline GTR holds-

The Fuel Efficiency

Along with its dominant performance, the car offers an impressive fuel efficiency that means a great mileage. On the city roads, one can achieve 16 Miles per gallon that increase to 22 Miles per Gallon on the highway.

The 12-Month Performance

Even while being a sports car, Nissan GT-R is strong enough to serve you throughout the year. Let it be summer, winter, or monsoon, one can drive on the road effortlessly without being affected by environmental factors. The all-season tires come as an additional help so now driving in snowy areas is no more a concern.

The Ultimate Traction

As the GT-R excels in its performance, the car provides a perfect amount of friction. Against all the surfaces, you get a good grip, and the shock observers do their work supposedly.

The Price

The price of the GT-R is advantageous over other luxury models. It was about $70,000 and with time as the specs raised, the amount raised as well. Now, the plus point here is it does not charge you as much as any other luxury brands like Audi R8 that was $165,000 initially and the Lamborghini Huracan at $201,000.

Get to know different aspects of various car models and help yourself by reading the Car Review section.

The Truth About NISSAN GT-R (Photo Source: cutewallpaper)


These are some of the reasons to consider why you should own Nissan GT-R. Those who crave for speed along with the high-tech factor can consider this car as their choice. However, in the end, it depends on your preference if you want to give this supercar a try by escaping other brands.

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