Nissan GTR – The Cheapest Car For Speed Lovers

Nissan GTR is a two-door car with a 2+2 efficiency that manufactured by Nissan in 2007. It is said that Nissan GTR is the next generation, inherited the Nissan Skyline GTR, though not in the Skyline vehicles. This car proved to be iconic for Nissan and achieved much fame and success on both road and track. Some say that the Nissan GTR is not the suitable car for people who want a safe and steady driving. It’s essentially a heavyweight, with a bit bulky shape, which requires those who want to experience a strong driving experience. So let’s take a deep look in this article, we will show you a specific Nissan GTR Review.

A Summary Nissan GTR Review

Since the Nissan GTR was sold in 2007, it has created a phenomenon in car performance. Considering this is a technological change that seems to go against the laws of physics, thanks to the fast processing and tightening of the moving area, the Nissan GTR can be run with a high speed in a narrowly road within about half the size of a conventional car. Over the years, Nissan has developed the GTR to be at the forefront of good-performing vehicles whose basic formulas remain. For more specific about this car price and used car information, Nissan GTR for sale here is useful for you to check!

Nissan GTR Review
Overlook with Nissan GTR Review. Source: Nissan

Although the Nissan GTR has been rolling out for nearly a decade, Nissan’s still continual updating the GTR indicates that it still needs to be broadened, or that the car is still under development. So if you are considering about this, let’s follow us with this Nissan GTR Review.

Nissan GTR Exterior

1. Coating Process

It would be lacking if we did not mention the coating process in Nissan GTR review, Nissan has upgraded the coating process to a six-layer process, with double-coating and scratch-resistant coatings covering important areas of the Nissan GTR such as in the chassis. In addition, the liquid effect used with the 8-stage process is polished with Super Silver Metallic paint that creates a unique look for the Nissan GTR, a beauty three coatings.

Nissan GTR Review
06 layers in coating process with this Nissan GTR cars. Source: Nissan

2. Form

Next thing in Nissan GTR review – Form. In the bold shape of the race car, the GTR is distinguished by the large and low vent holes in the nose as well as the distinctive dual tail light design. The GTR uses four-wheel drive and is equipped with a continuously variable dual-clutch gearbox (similar to the VW DSG gearbox), Bilstein damping adjustable with large Brembo disc brakes 15 inch glasses. All necessary electronic systems are also present in this vehicle, including electronic stability control (VDC-R) and hill start assist systems.

3. Dimension

The Nissan GTR has a fairly large size compared to conventional models. The car is 4,710m long and 1,895m wide, 1,370m high. At such a size, it’s bigger than a Porsche 911 with a resolution of 4.499m x 1.852m x 1.298m.

Nissan GTR Review
Form and dimensions of Nissan GTR. Source: Nissan

Nissan GTR Interior

1. Overlook

After discussing about exterior, let’s take a look in interior parts in this Nissan GTR Review. GTR cabin decor is more eye-catching, much more impressive than the interior design of the Subaru Impreza WRX STi or Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. Though not as sophisticated and luxurious as the BMW M6, but design GT-R’s interior easy to use and close to drivers.

2. Noise Processing

In essence, the Nissan GTR is a car driven by the race car, so next to the size is quite loud noise is a characteristic feature. But aside from the rumors of its noise, the owners of the Nissan GTR said that its noise-handling capabilities from the inside were good. The noise of the wind and the face-exposed wheel is well controlled because one of Nissan’s criteria is to allow people in the car to easily swap while the car is running at high speed. The feeling of sitting in the car is generally good, sure but not too bumping – although sometimes the car is unstable when running on bad roads.


3. Technology

With a great scale, the Nissan GTR gives the driver a visually clear view of the road. Even cars with double the price must compete hard to be able to achieve the impressive style of the coupe angle. Not to mention, the Nissan GTR is fitted with modern accessories such as four large exhaust pipes, round tail lights and giant alloy wheels.

4. Dashboard

The touch-screen information system and a comprehensive data recorder record all of the vehicle’s activity from g-force pulling to lap times, which means GTR is a techy vehicle. Very impressive, in line with Nissan’s lineup. Most of the functions of the car are controlled by the new 8 inch touch screen, though the system is not intuitive and has no modern graphics.

Nissan GTR Review
Nissan GTR interior: Dashboard and steering wheel. Source: Nissan

Technology lovers will love the multi-function screen in the center of the dashboard, because it provides information on everything from throwing g-force to turbo thrust. However, the bluff panel looks pretty basic. It comes with a multitude of standards, and you do not get the feeling you expect from a 196mph sports car.

Nissan GTR Operation

1. Efficiency and driver

Go along with the Nissan GTR Review, keep going with the Operation of Nissan GTR. With the powerful engine comes with the certainty that would make the Nissan GTR become a true warrior conquering the arcade.

Nissan GTR Review
Efficiency and Driver of Nissan GTR. Source: Nissan

The Nissan GTR is a genuine warrior, with advanced electronic stability control and adaptive suspension that is configured to match the road and track the driving process. In a few lines, Nissan exhibits remarkable agility and can run at unbelievable speed along the spiraling roads. However, the Nissan GTR can’t resist the usual physical laws, take note when the kerb-weight is over 1,800kg.

In addition, with a few modifications that helped make the Nissan GTR’s ride softer when traveling in the city via low speed steering assistance has been increased. The factor in reducing engine sound load is also a point worth mentioning. In the past, low-level vehicles with low-wheel drive systems made it easy to make loud snarls on the highway. But for the current Nissan GTR, it can be used more and more flexibly for those who use it to travel in the city.

Thanks to the rigid springs, the Bilstein suspension, suspension and the seat form taken from the Recaro, the Nissan GTR’s driving experience has been more focused and extremely comfortable compared to the driving experience of a standard car.

2. Engine

The 3.8-liter V6 engine of this Nissan GTR horsepower is about 562 and 637 Nm of torque, and in 2.7 seconds, the start-up control system will blow up from 0-62 mph. However, the car’s electronics limited its use, and after making two full launches, the startup mode was disabled for an hour for the car’s electrical system to recover.

Acceleration is achieved through GT-R four-wheel transmission and 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. In addition, the paddle shift setting provides continuous power delivery with super smooth adjustments – it can even be used as an automatic engine, with the ability to smoothly maneuver the gears around them and not complicated.

Nissan GTR review
The Nissan GTR Engine. Source: Nissan

A minor disadvantage for the Nissan GTR is the noise generated when operating at low speed. Many users have complained about the whine that the engine emits. But in terms of overall, the Nissan GTR still has good reliability, and this will be a point that Nissan should overcome in the future GTR cars.

On the other hand, Nissan did not directly announce the use of the powerful 592-horsepower GT-R Nismo engine, but suggested that the engine could reach speeds of 0-62mph in 2.5 seconds.

3. Performance

In this Nissan GTR Review, let’s move to the Nisan GTR performance. Nissan’s test drivers set a record for a run on the Nurburgring in Germany (7.38 seconds). The result is even more impressive than the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Porsche 911 Turbo, and Ferrari F430, while showing that the GTRs not only have a powerful engine, impressive acceleration. It also have an outstanding performance.

The Nissan GTR cars are good at clinging road, steady and easy to guess, thanks to adjustable steering wheel speed. The GT-R’s modern four-wheel drive system tends to deliver torque to the rear wheel, but it can automatically adjust to transmit up to 50% of torque on the front wheels. The rear axle independent gearbox is incorporated into both the gearbox and the visai into a compact body that maximizes front-to-rear weight balance and lowers the center of gravity. Nissan’s dual clutch transmissions are faster than manual transmissions. It is crisp and easy to operate even in fully automatic mode and has an additional gear shift on the steering wheel.

Nissan GTR Review
Nissan GTR performance. Source: Nissan

The GTR control panel has only three important switches: the regulator switch, the slow-change switch for the switch and the switch to determine the level of interference of electromagnetic stability system. On the track, these switches are placed in the most active “R” mode. In addition, the car also has a “Launch Control” mode to help the driver start at the maximum speed of the engine.

4. CO2, MPG and Operating Cost

On the surface, the Nissan GTR is not a cheap car. At current prices for this car, it represents the lineup with high performance and price is also high. But compared to other competitors, its price increase compared to the annual models at a relatively stable level. Even for cars that can deliver high performance like the Nissan GTR, its price is usually twice that of the GTR.

In addition, the cost of running this car is quite high, including car insurance, slope insurance and tire reserve. Not to mention, GTR is also a fuel-efficient Nissan. The amount of CO2 emitted falls to 275g / km. This means the road tax for this car is quite expensive.

5. Safe and reliable

With a range of electronic assistive, the Nissan GTR can move easily on straight and narrow lane and the car will provide a full six standard airbags. Although not tested through the Euro NCAP program, but with a super-rigid chassis, this coupe will showcase its great electronic equipment that comes with any encountered uncertain situation.

Nissan GTR Review
The safe and reliable of Nissan GTR. Source: Nissan

Not to mention, with the use of large brakes and smooth tires will help the GTR can excel in the process of overcoming all obstacles on the road. In addition, the ability to balance and operate high will make you feel no more collision whether you just overcome a difficult obstacle.

Nissan GTR Fuel Consumption

Fuel Mileage numbers

Metric Urban Cold 18.2 L/100km
Metric Urban Combined 12.5 L/100km
Metric Extra Urban 9.2 L/100km

Imperial Fuel Mileage

Imperial Urban Cold 15.5 MPG
Imperial Urban Combined 22.6 MPG
Imperial Extra Urban 30.7 MPG


Nissan GTR Pros and cons 

After we had an overview about this car type, the Nissan GTR Review will list down the pros and cons of this huge coupe so that you can clearly known the overall.

Pros Cons
Cars are extremely fast performance. Up to 60 miles an hour High performance car racing, but the brand belongs to Nissan – one of the car manufacturers do not specialize in racing
GTR’s transmission system is combined with a dual-clutch automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system that allows the car to control its power. Nissan GTR’s point-and-shoot system makes the car less secure
Outstanding technology features Size too large, high weight. Interfaces and visibility are a challenge.

Nissan GTR Price

In this Nissan GTR price part, the car came back and debuted in 2009 for $70,000. And this Nissan GTR price range cars are increasing steadily each year. The Nissan GTR is currently priced at $100,000. Compared to large cars and engines, the Nissan GTR can be quite affordable for the user. For those who have a need to buy second-hand imported cars, the average FOB price for this car is $13,000. So with this information, you can self-answered the question: How much is a Nissan GTR?

So for all of the information from Nissan GTR review above. You are now completely understand and easy to make decision about buying this or not. Let’s take a deep look in this Nissan GTR Review and ready for satisfy your demands with this speed lover’s car.