The Unique Features of Boxy Cars: Why Are They Popular?

When people talk about cars, they mostly talk about sleek sports models with a lot of curves. But there is another type that you may not be familiar with: Japanese boxy cars. These types of vehicles will never win a race or turn heads when passing by, but they do have some benefits that make them worth your consideration.

The Unique Features of Japanese Boxy Cars

Box-shaped cars are not rare to find. Minivans are always boxy and you will find plenty of SUVs, city cars, Kei cars, and European superminis with this squarish shape. These cars have some unique features that have made them so popular in Japan, along with other parts of the world. Look into these perks that may convince you to add a boxy car to your garage.

Minimalist style.

These box-shaped models have been designed by following the minimal “three box rule”, which reflects the Shinto ideology — the main religion in Japan. Despite following a minimalist style, the attention to detail in both interior and exterior designs is impressive. Coupled with the unique engineering efforts, these cars are highly comfortable too.

boxy cars
A minimal boxy Audi. (Credit: funky_abstract / Flickr)

No additional tax.

Japanese people need to pay extra taxes if their vehicle exceeds a certain size. The Kei cars are not subject to this tax deduction because of their small engine size. Many Kei cars are boxy, so owning one can actually save you money.

Fuel efficiency.

These cars are famously known for their fuel-efficient engines. You will be able to get the most miles per gallon on these types of vehicles than any other car out there.

Less stress while driving.

The cars are also known for their low center of gravity, which means that they are less likely to roll over while turning. This is an important quality to look into when you want a safer driving experience. It will reduce your stress levels and give you peace of mind on every turn or curve in the road.

Huge interior space.

Box-shaped cars are not big but they have plenty of space inside because of that unique shape! The boxy style makes the most efficient use of space, especially in the passenger and storage areas. You won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable and no one else will either. After all, who wants to spend their commute feeling like they can hardly breathe?


Practical design.

The cars don’t score high when it comes to the look. However, they have a highly practical design. Most USA-manufactured vehicles are huge but can accommodate only 5 people. In that sense, these apparently “uncool” boxy vehicles make the best use of all interior space.


Japanese boxy cars are a safe and practical choice. They are known to be fuel-efficient and the models are durable enough to last longer than most other brands on the market today. Plus, these compact models come with plenty of room inside. Whether it’s affordability, dependability, comfort levels, or functional design — Japan has got everyone’s back!