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Toyota Regius Overview and Fuel Consumption

First of all, from the very first day of Toyota Regius foundation, Toyota motors were determined to bring changes in the automobile-making industry. This company craved for creating a more developed society and range due to automobile manufacturing. Due to all its editions, versions and innovations have created a great change in the industry of automobile manufacturing. Toyota cars are really safe, trustworthy, elegant and edge-cutting.

It will be really interesting to speak of one of Toyota’s best-selling cars, which is Toyota Regius. This car was launched in April 1997. The chassis were employed from the Toyota Granvia, though with some reductions in width. Some elements of the exterior design were taken from the Granvia.

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With its specifications, it is really similar to Toyota Granvia. It holds from 7-8 passengers; generally, this is typical to minivans. When comparing with previous Toyota Hiance models, Toyota Regius can carry more passengers. It has a main focus on driving position and driving experience.

Toyota Regius Specifications

It has very specific door opening system; it is sliding, making the use for the owners easier. This model has 15-inch tires. The large interior is one of the main advantages of the car. Each time Toyota Regius was renewed, not only by the exterior, but also they returned the turbo diesel power unit.

The greatest advantage of this car, making it suitable for family usage, is the large interior. The interior can undergo many transformations, like the second and third rows can be removed if needed;then, the first row seats can be rotated.

The cabin is really high and very comfortable. Interior height is large and between the seats have much free space to use.This Toyota car is created from durable material, providing a high level of security to the car. This model has a quite interesting and modern look.

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Engine and Fuel Consumption

The main driving force of Toyota car is one of two four inline power units. The petrol engine has 145 horsepower capacity and is of 2.7 liters. Such engine usually has a fuel consumption of 11.1 liters in urban areas. The fuel tank carries almost 65 liters,it has a great operation and maintenance, making the users choose it over and over again. Even the fuel economy is not so high with Toyota Regius, but still it is higher than in other cars.

Finally this model evolved to the only Regius, without a ’Hiance’ in August 1999, with some specific innovations, like enlarged grille and some really huge changes to the exterior.

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