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Top Four Best Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Models

Who does not love Lancer Evolution? People all over the world love this affordable and compact sedan. The sporty look of this car has huge goodwill in the market. Lancer Evolution puts other sports cars behind with a powerful performance. The Mitsubishi lancer evolution is a sports sedan car by the Japanese automotive manufacturer. The basis of Evolution is found in the previous Mitsubishi Lancer model. There are ten variations of this car model with Roman numeral denoting each. Each best lancer Evo model has a two-liter turbocharger inline with a four-cylinder engine. It is packed with an AWD system for those looking forward to drive a rally car.

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Car enthusiasts in the UK and other European car markets appreciate the Mitsubishi Lancer. The US got the chance to try the 8th generation Evolution model in 2003. The fans were left wondering which Evo is the best for purchase. It is the reason why the lancer evolution has huge fans around the world.

The blog below will help you know about the different Evo models. You can also browse online to find the best car review for any car model.

1. Lancer Evolution X

Mitsubishi Lancer fans wonder which is the best lancer Evo model. Lancer Evolution X comes with many features and technology. The car offers an impressive 291 horsepower engine with fast twin-clutch transmission.  The AWD control in this car is worth the price. Evo X comes with an Active Yaw Control. It helps to change the torque between the left and right wheels of the vehicle. Evolution X is the first choice for those looking to drive a racing car.

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Looking for a racing car? Look nowhere else (Photo Source: tuttosport)


2. Lancer Evolution VIII

Lancer Evolution VIII is a known model from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Generations. The first of the Evo models available in the US. Evo VIII is available in four trim models. It comes with performance and comfort upgrades. It has an aluminum roof panel and a powerful 4G63 engine under the hood. Car tuners prefer the Lancer Evolution VIII for its turbo engine. Evo VIII is the best option to enjoy those long drives on the highway.

3. Lancer Evolution V

Evolution V has an aluminum rear spoiler and Recaro front seats. It offers a wide track and a powerful brake system. The car packs a 5-brake manual system. It has a 276 horsepower turbo engine. The modern AWD system in this car makes it a perfect option. Evo V is an ideal choice for those looking to drive down a windy dirt road.

4. Lancer Evolution VI

The Evo VI packs modern cooling and a powerful engine. It has a titanium aluminide turbine wheel in the turbocharger for a powerful performance. The Evolution VI has a powerful 330 horsepower making it the best Mitsubishi Lancer model. The users of this model adore the looks of the car. The perfect combination of color, looks, performance, and comfort make it the best of all.

This car got wonderful performance (Photo Source: wallpaperaccess)


There you have it! These Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models are an ideal choice. One should understand the features to make the choice worth. Search online to know more about the Best Lancer Evo models to make the right decision. It is a wise decision to research everything about these.


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