10 Craziest Concept Cars That You Might See On The Roads Soon!

Every crazy car fan waits for craziest concept cars every year. The car manufacturing companies do share the list of concept cars or futuristic vehicles, and we wait for its release. Well, most of the concept cars with some unique concept, and emphasize majorly on sustainability and environmentally-friendly vehicles. While some eye-catching concept cars are ready to hit the roads soon, car lovers definitely need to go through this list of super crazy concept cars. Of course, the car reviews matter, when it is soon to be arrived, and is a concept car, to be specific.

Craziest Concept Cars

Here is the list of the craziest concept cars that people are waiting to see on the roads:

Lamborghini Terzo Millenio

The concept car was revealed in 2017 and is a result of a multi-year partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The manufacturers have replaced batteries with a high-power supercapacitor, which captures and releases energy at the same time. The vehicle has an orange glow, which makes it appealing to the eyes. It comes with an autonomous driving system that is designed for use on racetracks. Within its chassis design, it is made entirely from carbon fiber and has a number of sensors along with health monitoring systems, which detects the damage such as dents and cracks. Carbon nanotubes will be able to repair the damage itself.

Craziest concept cars
This concept car has a high-power supercapacitor instead of batteries. (Source: Drive Tribe)

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Renault Trezor

This concept car was first showcased at the Paris Motor Show in 2016. The car has no lines across the body. The clamshell rood connects with the main body, and that is their unique concept, where the door opens with the roof. The passenger can sit inside the car when the rood opens forward on struts. The carbon-fiber frame is one of its aerodynamic designs ever, which gives the vehicle the power to go from zero to 62 miles per hour in under 4 seconds. It is a two-seater vehicle and is fully electric. The interiors are blazing red along with a LED touchscreen covered in Gorilla Glass. The designers chose rectangular steering for this car. Overall, the car is unique and is undoubtedly on the way to make people crazy.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr

The latest concept vehicle by Mercedes is Mercedes-Benz Vision Avtr, which you might have seen in the blockbuster flick, ‘Avatar’ back in 2009. Their focus is majorly on sustainability, and this vehicle is surely going to be a super hit as soon as it hits the market. The best part about this vehicle is the battery that it uses. Vision Avtr utilizes a battery that can be composted and completely restricts the use of rare- earth elements. The seats of this concept vehicle are made of vegan leather, and the wooden floor is made up of Indonesian timber. The car was introduced by the director of the movie ‘Avatar,’ ‘James Cameron.’

Chevrolet Aerovette

The concept car is introduced at the New York International Auto Show in 1976. Chevrolet Aerovette is a combination of Lamborghini and Corvette. The interiors are minimalist, and the almond-shape with the unique design is undoubtedly all set to be one of the best Chevys that we will ever see.

Craziest concept cars
This concept car was introduced at the New York International Auto Show in 1976. (Source: Top Gear)

Hyundai Flying Taxis for Uber

One thing that we all have been hearing from Uber for years is the introduction of their ‘Flying Taxis.’ This Korean company is planning to build some gigantic that looks like a drone. They have named it ‘SA-1,’ which is supposed to cruise at the speed of 180 mph. This concept car will utilize the electric motor that remains connected to multiple rotors and propellers. This is what will provide safety to those flying in the uber.

Honda Augmented Driving Concept

Onboard computer systems will control most of the futuristic vehicles. But they understand that the passengers always want specific control over the car to get that feeling of driving. The radical design for the open-top vehicle, but they also revisited the steering wheel to make it modern. Tapping it twice turns it on, pulling the steering will slow the car, and pushing will speed up the vehicle. The sensors in the car monitor the driver’s actions and intentions. It is one of the most amazing craziest concept cars that you will soon see on the roads.

Audi PB – 18 E- Tron

Craziest concept cars
This concept car follows an electric supercar. (Source: Top Speed)

The vehicle’s design follows the electric supercar concept. This concept car was first shown in 2018, where Audi promised to roll off at least 50 different versions of the vehicle. It has three electric motors, out of which one attaches to the front axle, and the other two are on the rear one. Together it generates 661 brake horsepower, accelerating the vehicle from zero to 62 miles per hour in under 2 seconds. The battery of this vehicle charges within 15 minutes and has a fantastic range of 361 miles. If we speak of the driver’s seat, it can fold itself and convert into one seat and moves in the center, in case the passenger is traveling alone.

Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow

The stunning design of this concept vehicle from Mercedes is so futuristic that the looks are enough to impress the audience. The vehicle has fluid lines and smooth surfaces along with a single seat that has lighting strips and an illuminated logo. The multi-spoke wheels with rose gold finishes are just worth watching. They have focused on interiors having a panoramic screen that projects your surroundings on to it. The silent running of this vehicle is 250 miles, and a top speed of 268 miles per hour.

Aston Martin Lagonda Vision

It is one of the most beautiful concept cars you will ever see. The design is truly exceptional, and the manufacturers believe this is how they envision future cars. The cabin space can fit in four passengers and made up of ceramic silk and cashmere. Doors open up out into the roofs so that passengers can stand in the car before the sit inside. The front seats can spin around to look those sitting on the back seat.

Craziest Concept Cars
One of the best-designed concept cars with the best interiors and appearance. (Source: TOC Automotive College)


Concept cars are a thing! Such incredible designs and concepts are waiting to hit the road soon. With these craziest concept cars, it seems the future of the car world is super bright and prosperous. These concept cars are worth drooling over.