2017 Maserati Levante-The Maserati of SUVs

The very stylish and classy Levante is back to offer a zesty Italian performance, bundled with an expressively crafted exterior (pretty much like the Monica Bellucci). This super stylish automobile is packed with twin-turbo V-6S, one of which is powered by 345hp and the other one has a 424hp engine. Both the engines have got eight-speed automatic feature, which makes the 2017 Maserati Levante SUV very competent in the market.


The luxurious Interior of 2017 Maserati Levante:

The interior is as luxurious and whopping as ever, boasting loads of authentic leather and supreme quality wood. There is an 8.4-inch touchscreen panel planted on the dashboard to control several functions. Where every automobile believes in manufacturing an SUV to stay ahead in the market, The Maserati also follow this strategy to rule the automobile world. Maserati has unabashedly given a new name to its new Levante. Maserati calls it “The Maserati of SUVs,” as Levante offers the features that are distinct from every SUV which is manufactured before it. Maserati CEO Harald Wester believes that this one is going to be real good, for they have been working on Levante for 13 years.


“Fast as Wind” is what it defines 2017 Maserati Levante:

The 2017 Maserati Levante is “Fast and Furious”. Fast as the wind (Levante stands for the wind in the western Mediterranean) and Furious like a panther. It’s ferociously loud and wrings the bejeezus out. In all manners, it is better that the Ghibli. The levanter surges with a very thrilling lupine bark and much improved. The deep, Italian snarl of engine differentiates it from other German luxury cars.
Another fascinating feature is the steering wheel; it has a hydraulic assist while every another brand is still reliable on electric means. It tugs really well and sags in a vintage way which is not present any other current brand. It is 16 feet long and weighs around 4650 pounds and is 9.7 inches above from the ground. It has got both sporting stiffness and taffy-like squishiness as well.


2017 Maserati Levante – another Name of Luxury

2017 MseratiLevante has an auto-generated clutch, which is computer controlled and is attached to the transmission. It offers a seamless torque transfer and a very limited rear diff as well. There are some generous ramp angles which seem to be pretty surprising. The seats look a bit revamped. It is way a lot comfortable this time. And, finally, there is a central control knob to control the center touchscreen panel. You can use the knob to enlarge the map or move the cursor around the plus or minus boxes present on the panel. The Maserati SUV Levante is a dedicated production and promises to give a power-packed performance and tough competition to the other renowned brands.