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Why Do Drivers Flash Their High Beams At You?

It is the most common scenarios encountered by car drivers on either side of the road. You are driving with your family when a car from behind starts flashing high beams at your vehicle. After a moment of frustration, you decide to give way to the car behind only to see a teenager shouting obscenities at your car as he or she pass by. However, we recommend that you never pull over the car for someone behind you flashing the car lights unless it is the cops.

The Reason For Cars Flashing High Beams

The scenario of someone continuously flashing the car lights to a car gets the driver thinking as Why do people flash high beams. We have come up with a list of reasons to help you understand why some drivers have this strange habit.

1. Risk Of Accident

It often happened that while driving the brakes do not operate efficiently. The situation can quickly escalate and cause panic among the passengers. The only way for the driver is to flash high beams onto the next car and the one behind to avoid a collision and keep everyone inside and outside the car safe. It is a reason why flashing high beams can at times be a call for help.

It is a quick way to warn people (Photo Source: motorgraph)

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2. The Alert

Everyone driving down the interstate or on a busy road knows that cops are always on the lookout for a late-night driver, who is possibly intoxicated or driving rashly. When someone coming from the opposite end starts flashing headlights of their car suddenly. It can be a signal to keep the speed down to prevent a ticket for going over the speed limit.

3. The Driving Style

The third reason for a driver flashing headlights includes their displeasure with the way you drive your vehicle on the road. Car owners tend to drive either too slow or in aggression, which increases the risk of a road accident and puts everyone at risk. We recommend that you browse online to find the best maintenance tips for your car.

4. A Pending Issue

Due to the busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, your car does not get regular maintenance it is supposed to get. When a driver is flashing high beam lights at your vehicle, they are trying to alert you about an issue with your vehicle. The problem can include the dysfunctional car taillights, or the bumper hanging low from its original position. It is a leading reason why most accidents happen at nighttime.

And maybe you got problems within your car (Photo Source: unsplash)


When driving down the highway or the interstate, if you come across someone Flashing High Beams towards your car. The driver might want to send a signal regarding any of the situations mentioned above. It will help you drive carefully in the future and avoid an ugly situation on the road. We recommend that you keep in mind these situations.

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  1. Dan says

    Actually, its usually because you forgot your high beams on. Every time I drive any distance I have to flash at least a couple people who forget their high beams on. Next time you get flashed check your high beams.

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