The car lighting system you might not know

  1. Headlight

Firstly, the headlight system is attached to the front of a vehicle for the purpose of lighting the road ahead in night time. Therefore, if the headlights are not working, you might not be able to see the road clearly.

Automobile headlight system is required to produce a low beam and high beam. Low beams light up the road at short ranges and you will mostly use them in the city. On the other hand, high beams are usually used on highways or rural areas without much traffic because they give bright and long-range illumination.


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  1. Daytime Running Lights

Secondly, daytime Running Light becomes more and more popular nowadays. It helps increasing the conspicuity of vehicles in motion during the daytime. It has been compulsory in many countries for many years. Most of modern vehicles are produced with LED Daytime running light nowadays for not only improving safety and style on the road but also increasing visibility day and night.

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  1. Signal Lights

The Signal Lights are blinking lamps mounted near the left and right front and rear corners of a vehicle, and sometimes on the sides. They help drivers “read the road” and communicate with other road users that you intend to turn left or right.

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  1. Rear position lamps

Rear position lamps are required to produce only red lights to give advance warning to other road users that driving behind you. In some premium vehicles, the more you push the brake, the brighter the rear position lamps are.

back light


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  1. Fog lights

Last but not least, most cars are equipped with fog lights. They are low beams that are mainly used in foggy conditions when you are travelling slowly due to limited visibility. Sometimes, you can also use fog lights on dark windy roads in the middle of the night. Some fog lights are yellow, while others are white.

fog light


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