Where Do You Find The Mini Cooper Spare Tire?

Mini Cooper is a compact sports car having a huge number of fans around the world. This is because the car has a sporty look combined with an excellent performance. Sounds good, right? But there is only one thing that new drivers might find it difficult at the beginning. This is finding the location of the Mini Cooper spare tire. Yes, it is true. So in this article, we will guide you on finding where the Mini Cooper spare tire is located. Check it out!

Where Is The Mini Cooper Spare Tire?

Mini Cooper owns a spare tire, called Micro Space Saver Tire, which is placed underneath the rear of the car. Only the sporty version known as Mini Cooper S isn’t fitted with a spare tire, but it comes with run flat tires. This is because the battery was moved to the rear to make room for the supercharger under the hood.
So when there is any trouble with the tire, run flat tires allow the car to run up to 50 miles or so to get some garages to get one fixed. One more thing, run flat tires are made in an unusual size, that means not every garage carry them. So to get better tread wear and ride comfort, many people often bought a set off non-runflats.

Spare tire takes some effort to be found (Photo Source: e-drivers)

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Now let’s back to Mini Cooper Spare tire. According to expert maintenance tips, Mini Coopers have small dimensions, making it important for the spare tire to be placed underneath the rear of the car. To access the spare tire, you have to do the following steps:

Step 1: Park your car in a safe, level and free of traffic area

Step 2: Remove the trunk floor trim panel

Step 3: Remove the lowering handle and the socket tool from the tool tray

Step 4: Remove the tool tray to access the spare tire carrier securing assembly

Step 5: Remove the cover securing nut using the socket tool

Step 6: Remove the cover. Note the carrier stud and the locking clip

Step 7: Thread the lowering handle onto the carrier stud

Step 8: Pull up the lowering tool and pinch the locking clip

Step 9: Lower the spare tire carrier using the lowering handle.

Step 10: Pull the carrier tray and the spare tire from under the vehicle

To learn the whole process in detail, please check the video below:


So now you’ve learnt about “where is a spare tire on a mini cooper?”. It is located underneath the rear of the car and you need to do some steps to get it out. In sporty Mini Cooper versions, they use run-flat tires, which can help you run up to 50 miles to find somewhere to get a fixed one. But the run-flat tires are not available in many garages so you need to think about other solutions to ensure you are safe in the area you often drive on.