What Size Jack Do I Need for My Car?

If you make a list of the most necessary spare parts to have in your garage or the truck, a car jack will definitely be on that list. However, its efficiency mostly depends on the right size. Mismatching with your car means it will be totally useless. What size jack do I need for my car? The answer needs to be detailed since you have to understand how the jack size is a prime safety factor.

Why Is a Right-Sized Jack Necessary?

A jack lifts up your car when you go underneath it, checking some parts or doing repair work. So, the size parameter is actually a risk factor that you should choose carefully.

Whether you need to change a wheel or make some adjustments to any component, it’s necessary to elevate the vehicle with a jack. The length of elevation differs from one car type to another but the standard measurement is between 100 and 500 mm. Some jacks may offer slightly higher or lower elevation, and you should always check that before picking up your desired model.

What size jack do I need for my car
Check the elevation before picking up a model. (Credit: Counselling / PixaBay)

Why do car jacks have different sizes? Why not is there just one size to fit all? Well, they come in different sizes because motor vehicles come in various sizes. Each jack has a specific weight rating and it cannot lift anything heavier than that. Using a jack to elevate a car heavier than its weight rating is highly risky.

What Size Jack Do I Need for My Car?

What you look into a car jack is not its but its weight capacity. As it will be lifting only one corner of a vehicle, its weight rating should be three-quarters of the vehicle’s weight.

For example, a 2-ton jack should be enough for a full-size four- or five-passenger saloon. So, it’s necessary to check your car’s weight before shopping for a jack. Just check the owner’s manual or search online to find out the weight of your car. If your car weighs 4,000 pounds, you will need a 3,000 pounds or one-and-a-half ton jack to elevate it without causing any safety issues.

A 2-ton jack should be fine for an SUV too. But the natural elevation of a 4-wheel-drive is higher than a commuter car. So, using a small jack will be unsafe for its high off-the-ground design. You will need a larger 3-ton jack for lifting up an SUV and 4×4 vehicle. However, a 4-ton model will be the safest option for these vehicles.

On the other hand, if you own a lorry, bus, or large van, you will need a 10-ton professional-quality trolley jack. Except for the 2-ton units, others will be heavier to be kept in a car’s trunk.



What size jack do I need for my car? Well, it should be already clear to you that there is no specific size. You need to choose it according to the type and weight of your car.