Understand The Role of A Governor in A Car?

Without the governor, the car engine can be severely damaged in some cases. So what is a governor on a car and how to remove it? Let’s follow along with Car From Japan right below!

What Is A Governor On A Car?

Overall, to stabilize the speed of the crankshaft at a certain rotational speed when the driver holds the throttle lever on the diesel engine, it is necessary to pump more fuel when the engine load increases suddenly. At that time, the governor will help limit the maximum rotational speed of the crankshaft to avoid unfortunate damage to the engine.

The car governor helps the engine crankshaft maintain a stable speed when the throttle lever is fixed and the load level changes suddenly or continuously. In the other saying, the governor is part of a car that controls an engine speed based on the loading capacity.

When the maximum rotational speed of the crankshaft is limited, it will avoid damage to the engine as well as help stabilize the speed in many different modes.

A good governor must ensure flexibility so as not to interrupt the fuel cut, causing the shutdown. At the same time, the mechanical resistance of the transmission system must be less than the impact force to stabilize the crankshaft speed in time when the load changes.

what is the governor on a car
A good governor must ensure flexibility so as not to interrupt the fuel cut, causing the shutdown. (Photo: Alibaba)

Types and The Basic Principle of A Governor On A Car

The governor needs to work flexibly so as not to interrupt the fuel cut or shutdown. The impact force must be greater than the mechanical resistance of the drive system. It also helps stabilize the speed of the crankshaft in time if there is a change in load. Usually, there are 3 types of car governors: mechanical, vacuum, and hydraulic.

Mechanical Speed Governor


The mechanical speed regulator is made up of: the ball, the lever, and the speed regulator spring, which is connected to the rack of the high-pressure pump. If it is necessary to increase or decrease the speed of the motor, you can change the tension of the governor spring. If the accelerator spring is stretched, the engine speed will be higher and vice versa.

Gear drive is used to ensure the governor shaft speed, which is higher than the high-pressure pump camshaft. Therefore, it is possible to use a ball of smaller size and weight, but still with greater force to pull the rack.


The multi-mode mechanical governor helps to ensure that the engine remains stable at all speed ranges.

Vacuum Governor


The vacuum governor is made up of a membrane attached to the top of the rack and the membrane divides the speed control chamber into two chambers A and B. In, chamber A is connected to the atmospheric pressure, and chamber B is connected to the diffuser tube to absorb air.


The vacuum governor is mounted on the centralized high-pressure pump (PE pump). It is operated through a change in vacuum or suction in the diffuser tube of the suction manifold.

Hydraulic governor


The hydraulic governor has the advantage of a simple structure and small size. The moving parts are all lubricated so they are less prone to wear.


Most hydraulic governors use the pressure behind the fuel transfer pump to regulate engine revolutions.

How To Remove A Governor From A Car?

Typically, you may need these 5 following steps to remove a governor from a car. Let’s follow along!

Step 1

Check your vehicle’s year of manufacture before you attempt to remove the governor. Manufacturers discontinued the governor from 1997 to 1998 and switched to a program that was connected to a computer system. If your car was manufactured after 1998, the governor is closely connected to the car computer program.

Step 2

Decide if you have the suitable technical knowledge to reprogram the computer yourself or if you intend to send it off to a third party. Third parties are willing to fix the governor or the computer, but you need to send the chip from your computer.

Step 3

Get an energy programmer from an auto parts store. The powerful programmer will overwrite your existing computer system and force it to comply with the newly introduced speed limits. The system comes with all the information needed to install it in your vehicle.

how to remove governor from a car
Removing a governor from a car is not a complicated task. (Photo: eurekaafricablog)

Step 4

Remove the computer program from your car. Please note that this will leave your car idle for several days while you program the computer. The electrical programmer includes instructions on how to get rid of the old system without causing damage to the vehicle.

Step 5

Install a new energy programmer in your car or have it done by a trained professional. The electrical programmer is quite affordable and eliminates the governor by replacing the speed limits given by the manufacturer. As long as you have access to this programmer, you can easily remove your old governor.

FAQs on Governor On A Car

What is included in the maintenance of the governor?

  • Clean the outside of the governor.
  • Disassemble and clean the parts.
  • Check out the details.
  • Mount and adjust.

Where can I buy a governor?

Currently, on the market, there are many stores, websites, and units selling speed governors.

However, the number of car equipmennt is very much mixed. Many dealers do not have the expertise to distinguish input quality and only care about price and profit, so the loss belongs to the buyer. Therefore, you should choose to buy speed governors at reputable and professional places.

Notes when using the governor

  • Before use, check the governor for leaks or damage.
  • Check if the voltage used for the governor is correct and stable (The power supply must be by the circuit diagram).
  • Should be fixed and firmly installed, avoid shaking and loose when using.
  • Place the governor device in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not use more than the allowed capacity.
  • Power cords and sockets must correspond to the capacity of the device.
  • Lubricating oil must reach the level specified by the manufacturer.
  • Fully equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent, and phase loss protection devices for engines.
  • Regularly maintain and clean the governor.
  • Depending on the environmental conditions and working efficiency, adjust the speed control accordingly.

Now you know what is a governor on a car and how to remove it. Follow the maintenance tips recommended by your automaker to always keep your car in a great shape!