How To Reset Car Computer At Home? Know Here

The car computer, also known as ECU (Electronic Control Unit) aims at learning about the engine system of your vehicle. It keeps a track on the tolerance changes in the engine actuators and sensors while you are driving. All the information is stored in a RAM, backed up by the car battery. Every time you start the car, the ECU reads from the last saved values instead of starting from zero. However, at times, it might falter and you would be left wondering how to reset car computer without visiting a professional.

Here, we will provide you with some maintenance tips to take care of the issue with your car’s computer.

How To Reset Car Computer? The Steps

If your car’s engine light stays on even after the engine is repaired, chances are that you would need to remove the error codes to turn off the dashboard lights. It requires you to reset computer on the car to get the issue resolved. You would require equipment including battery wrench, a 10-watt resistor, and a cable or insulating tape.

Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to reset the computer on your car.

1. Turn Off The Battery

The first step is to turn off the car. Then, remove both the terminals of the battery using the battery wrench and remove the battery from the compartment. It ensures that no power flows while you are resetting the car computer along with letting you do some battery maintenance work as well. You can also consult a professional on how to reset car computer.

Tricks for how to reset car computer
Secrets About how to reset car computer. Source: Tesla

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2. Handling The Battery Wires

With both the terminals removed from the battery, make sure to short both the negative and positive wire connected to the engine with each other. Next, tie them together with a cable or an insulating tape.

3. Performing Soft Reset

The soft factory reset includes cutting off the power to the computer and draining any pending current that might be inside the capacitor circuit. Once the computer has lost all power, it would lose any memory left. In the majority of cases, these would be the error codes, which would be cleared off too. It is an important step when you are resetting car computer.

4. The Car Battery

In the meanwhile, it is a good idea to look into the car battery while the circuit power is depleted. Use baking soda or water to clean the battery and its terminals. It will help you reset the car computer in less time.

5. The 45 Minute Waiting Period

After a period of 45 minutes, reconnect the battery along with its terminals as they were. Make sure to check the polarity of the terminals. You can also use these steps for resetting the car’s air conditioning system.

6. Last Step

S­­­­tart your car and the error codes have been removed with the issue resolved as well.

Ways you can do with how to reset car computer
Things to avoid in how to reset car computer. Source: RADU BERCAN / 123RF

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Summing Up

The next time you face an issue with the engine lights staying on, remember these tips about how to reset car computer as these will surely resolve the issue.