How often should I Change the Timing Belt? Find the Exact Duration

The timing belt is the major component of your car that turns crankshaft and camshaft at the accurate rate. There are many questions that have come to your mind regarding timing belts, but the most frequent question is- how often should I change the timing belt? Well, finding its answer is imperative as a worn out timing belt can affect the performance of your vehicle.

So without ado, let’s discover how often you should replace the timing belt.

How often should I Change the Timing Belt? The Precise Estimation

We have listed the foremost factors on which the durability of the timing belt depends. By considering all these aspects, you can change the belt at the right time. So check out these factors now.

1. Depending on the Driver

Your driving style has everything to do with the performance of timing belt. Handling downshift carefully is essential if you want the timing belt to be long lasting and efficient. If one isn’t handling the downshift well or opting for unnecessary shifting, the constant strain can result to timing belt wearing out. That is why you might have heard some people saying that one must choose downshifts only and if required. So how often should I change the timing belt? With proper driving, the timing belt will last approximately 6 to 7 months. With lousy driving, it will last hardly 2 months or less. So drive carefully for a durable timing belt.

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Precise estimation of how often should I change the timing belt (Photo Source: autogear)

2. Depending on the Car Usage

The purpose for which you are using the vehicle plays an important role when figuring out the period after which you should change the timing belt. If you have a cab business, the probability of changing the belt may vary to six months, as your car is not idle for a longer time. For private users, the timing belt will last up to a year. All in all, it depends how often do you drive. So pay attention to how often do you drive and change the timing belt accordingly.

3. Some Other Factors

Engine performance also affects the timing belt. If your engine is running smooth, the belt is performing its best, and the situation can go worst as the performance of the engine goes down. Another factor, on which the lifespan of the timing belt can depend, is the miles that you have traveled until now. According to basic thumb rule- if you have covered more than sixty-thousand miles, change the timing belt as quickly as possible. You can even use the effective maintenance tip for DIY replacement too. So consider these additional factors whenever you are worried about changing the timing belt.

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How often should I change the timing belt explained (Photo Source: carfromjapan)

How to tell if Your car needs a New Timing Belt? Watch the video below to see more details:

Winding Up

Consider all these factors whenever you think about- how often should I change the timing belt. By replacing it with time, the possibilities for the timing belt to wear out are less. So go ahead, take most out of your vehicle’s timing belt right now.

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