What Causes Windshield To Crack? The Possible Reasons

Sometimes the car windshields crack for no visible reason. You might experience the same someday and find apparent causes. But there is always a reason for glass breaking or shattering. Be it a flying rock on the road, a tree branch, or anything. No doubt the automobile glass cracks due to uncertain reasons sometimes. But finding the root cause is extremely necessary to avoid such damages. Wondering what causes windshield to crack? If yes, then let us prepare the list of possible reasons below.

What Causes Windshield To Crack? The Reasons

A car windshield is a strong glass that cannot crack easily. There is always a reason behind crack, chip, break, or shatter that you need to find. The most common reason for car glass damage is following the front car too closely. A flying stone or debris strikes the windshield and results in cracking.

Or it can be a branch falling off the tree when you were enjoying the shade. It can be anything that results in car’s damage. So one needs to stay alert and follow the rules to avoid such situations.

Let us discuss some possible reasons behind car windshield damage here.

1. Temperature

Using a car heater for long increases the temperature inside. The glass expands and shrinks speedily causing cracks due to this. The same happens when you defrost the car as well. When finding an answer to what causes windshield to crack, make sure you use the car heater and defroster properly.

Everything you need to know about what causes windshield to crack
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2. Improper Installation

The professionals follow certain instructions when installing windshields. But if your windshield cracked for no reason, then poor installation of the glass might be the reason. The glass rubber might also be loose that may lead to extreme vibration. The extreme pressure on the glass corners results in cracking or shattering.

3. Debris Attack

Sometimes it is the debris from the front car tires that flies and strikes the glass. There is a minimal chance of glass safety at that time. According to expert maintenance tips, keeping a distance from the front vehicles is the best way to avoid such damage. Driving on gravel roads can also produce these damages to the front or any glass.

4. Direct Sunlight

Glass and metal temperature increases rapidly when you park the car in direct sunlight. The glass edges undergo temperature swings and expand faster. Car windshield cracks when the temperature goes above the limit. The center of the glass does not expand but the edges do. And this results in glass breakage or shattering sometimes.

5. Poor Quality

The chances of breakage increase when you install a poor quality windshield. One cannot guarantee the life of the defective or poor quality glass. That is why the professionals recommend timely repairs and checkups. One should always choose premium quality glasses, as it is a matter of safety.

Wondering what causes windshield to crack? Here is the answer
The chances of breakage increase when you install a poor quality windshield (Photo Source: Pixabay)

Wrapping Up

All in all, this is the answer to what causes windshield to crack query. An automobile requires timely checkups and maintenance. Make sure to follow the guidelines to avoid any damages.