What Can Cause The Transmission Noise After Fluid Change

Transmission- a power supplier to the entire vehicle needs to be lubricated persistently. The transmission fluid ensures that transmission runs smoothly. After a while, the fluid becomes older and needs to be replaced. But, there are certain cases when you can hear transmission noises even after the fluid change. So, what can be those reasons that result in transmission noise after fluid change? The answer to this question is right here.

So, let’s explore it!

Why it Generates Transmission Noise after Fluid Change?

You can prevent transmission noises after the fluid change by knowing about its causes. The two basic reasons why this happen are mentioned below.

Reason 1 – Traditional Transmission Fluid

The traditional fluid systems are based on petroleum that leaves the dump behind. As the dump starts collecting on the filter, it curbs transmission and results in greater friction. The friction ultimately becomes a reason for transmission noise after fluid change. The availability of various synthetic transmission fluids is a true savior. The synthetic fluid is formulated in such a way that every component of transmission stays lubricated and efficiently. Therefore, using synthetic fluid will avoid those clunky noises from the transmission for sure. If nothing happens even after switching to synthetic fluid, the next reason would definitely help you.

How to identify the Transmission noise after fluid change
Important points to know when you check the fluid in cars. Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Reason 2 – Stain on the Inside System

The old transmission fluid is the reason for debris collection and discoloration. The fragments start collecting inside the system. The worst part is the debris doesn’t stick to any portion of the transmission indeed, it floats on the fluid all the time. Even if you have replaced the old fluid with the new one, the fragments would still float inside the fluid. As the day passes, the entire transmission system becomes slushy that eventually, results to those annoying noises from the transmission. The experts suggest cleaning your transmission before adding new fluid/oil would prevent debris collection. It helps the system to run faster and filter isn’t clogged.

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How much can it cost?

The regular fluid change would not hurt your pockets at all. You can buy ten-ounce synthetic fluid for almost $20. However, the price may vary from seller to seller. In case you found it complicated to replace old fluid with the new one, you can take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic store as well. Moreover, the right maintenance tips are helpful to handle any hazardous situation while replacing the fluid.

So, now that you know the major causes of noisy transmission, use the suggestions and have the best driving experience forever.

Know the major causes for Transmission noise after fluid change
Procedure for refilling the fluid in cars. Source: CarParts.com

In a Nutshell

The transmission and engine warm up in the same way. The procedure of draining and refilling the transmission fluid might leave numerous loopholes to annoying noises. All you have to do is find the right cause. The above reasons can help you handle the situation and you can increase the durability of your vehicle.

You can consult experts if none of the reasons causes transmission noise after fluid change.