How to Use a Truck Tire Repair Kit

A truck tire repair kit could be your savior when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. Nowadays, there are plenty of truck tire repair tools that allow the fixing of the tires without removing them. So, even if you are an amateur when it comes to automobile mechanism, you’ll be able to repair tires if you know the use of the kit.

Truck Tire Repair Kit: Tools

A typical truck tire patch kit is most likely to include the following instruments:

  • A puncture probe
  • Tire plugs
  • A plug holder
  • Sealant
  • Pliers
  • A tire inflator
  • A car jack
  • Scissors or a knife


How to Use a Truck Tire Patch Kit

Following the step-by-step instructions described below will help you to complete the task of truck tire repair successfully:

Identify the punctured spot

The first step is to find out the spot that is leaking the air. If you see a sharp object such as a nail, spoke, or something else pierced into the tire, remove it by using the pliers.

However, sometimes it becomes a little difficult to find out the leak. In that case, mix a small amount of dish soap into water and brush the mixture onto the tire. You’ll see bubbles coming out of the leaking area.

You may need to remove the tire if the puncture is located somewhere where it’s not possible to reach with the tire attached to the truck.

Probe the Puncture

Now, it’s time to use the puncture probe. Pour a couple of drops of rubber cement or sealant on the tip of the probe tool. The use of sealant will lubricate the hole and act as adhesive for the plug.

Insert the tool into the puncture and then take out. Repeat the process for a couple of times with applying adhesive each time. It will widen the hole and clean it out.

Insert the Tire Plug

Hold a tire plug with the tire holder and see if the plug fits into the needle eye of the tool. Apply a few drops of sealant to the end of the tool and insert the plug into the hole. You may use some force to do it properly.

Insert the entire plug except for about ¼-inch. Remove the holder tool while the plug is still inside the tire. Cut the excess part of the plug with scissors.

Inflate the Tire

As you are now done with the patching work, it’s time to inflate the tire. Fill it with air at the correct pressure level and see if any air is leaking through the patched hole.

A truck tire repair kit will get you back on the road but don’t consider it as a permanent solution. Take the vehicle to an automobile repair shop as soon as possible and get the tire checked with an experienced mechanic.

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